eFoods Global, Protect Yourself From Future Events & Make A Killing In The Process?

There’s a ton of speculation flying around today about the future of the world we live in, mostly surrounding the economic situation and the possibility of total meltdown.

Many people are looking at ways that they can secure their financial future. But eFoods Global are more concerned with the ability to be able to eat in times of crisis!

It actually makes perfect sense, even if you have a garage full of Gold, will you be able to physically buy food if things get as bad as what some people are making out?

eFoods Global is a Network Marketing company selling food that has a long shelf life (15 years +) and can be harboured for future needs. This company derives from eFoods Direct which have been in business for some 28 years, so this isn’t a flash in the pan type company. The MLM arm was launched in October 2010 and purported that 100 new distributors joined every day during their 8 week pre launch period, amounting to nearly $500,000 worth of sales.

They are based in Utah and were founded by 6 well experienced executives with extensive knowledge of the industry, the CEO is Steve Shenk, who has actually been the director at eFoods Direct for the last 27 years.

So what foods can you get from eFoods Global? Well as this is dehydrated foods don’t expect anything to exotic, but you can find breads, soups, breakfasts (pancakes, oatmeal, apple cinnamon) and entrees (chicken and rice casserole, beef chilli etc..). Not a bad line up if that’s all you can get! You will typically need to add boiling water to the packs so make sure you have a reserve of water and a gas stove! Incidentally the foods do NOT contain any of the nasty preservatives and MSG that modern days foods are laden with.

There is a sound product here which flat out makes SENSE. It’s something that people NEED.

The eFoods Global Compensation plan

You will earn money from retail sales plus of course building a team of distributors (or in this case called Independent Business Owners) underneath you. The company operates a binary compensation plan, please ensure you understand exactly how these work before diving in. Essentially you are building two teams, a left and a right leg, you will be paid 10% of the poorer performing leg. It is possible to also earn from ‘spillover’ which is essentially the people that your sponsor puts under you in the ‘power leg’. You will need to personally qualify for such payments though.

For those that qualify, you can also earn Matching Bonuses and Essential Life Codes (ELC’s).

“You will also get an online marketing system and back office for the fee of $29.97 per year. Not bad at all.”

There are many eFoods Global reviews online that may try and caution you away from this business opportunity for various reasons, most likely to sign you up for something else! But there is no reason why this opportunity can’t be taken seriously. In today’s environment it really does make sense, and many people will agree with me, so you will have a big market to work with.

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