Elur, The MLM Company That Never Was?

Elur is a nutritional Network Marketing company that was due to pre launch earlier this year; although in August, founder Dan Maltais sent an update to all distributors advising that the launch had been suspended.

Whether or not the company will proceed with its planned launch is not clear yet, there is however still a lot in interest in this company. In this industry companies come and go all the time, so if you really want to join Elur then either sit tight for now, or look for an alternative business opportunity.

Elur are based in Tampa, Florida and have developed a range of unique products based on a technology called Nutrabind. In a nutshell Nutrabind makes the nutrients in the products more bio available which results in increased absorption in the human body.

They have 4 products which we will look at briefly….


Multi-V – as the name suggests this is a multi vitamin and mineral complex that also contains plant sterols, amino acids, probiotics and vegetable extracts. It’s designed to provide powerful antioxidant properties and control free radicals in the body.

Mind – a formula designed to ease stress and help your body produce more natural energy. It will also ease nervous tension and promote a general feeling of well being.

Cardio – this formula will offer improved cardiovascular health, lower bad cholesterol, help maintain blood sugar levels and regulate blood pressure, resulting in improved overall health.

Immune – this will help strengthen the body’s immune system making colds, flu and other illnesses less frequent

“So there we have 4 products from Elur that if they deliver on their promises, are actually very appealing.”

With any company it’s important that there is a strong leadership, without that doom can follow soon. Does the fact the Elur have suspended their launch mean that the leadership is weak? Probably not; all evidence points to a wealth of collective experience in the Network Marketing industry between the 3 main players, Clint McKinlay, Elias Coca and Mark Peterson.

How will you earn money with Elur?

The Elur compensation plan is especially interesting and fairly unique in the industry. I’ve only come across a few companies before using the Linear Matrix system. Essentially everyone that joins after you gets placed in your group. On the face of it this may sound very exciting and lead some to think that they won’t have to do any personal sponsoring in order to get paid. I’ve not yet seen any Network Marketing deal that pays you without you personally sponsoring. More information about the comp plan can be obtained if the company re-launches.

If you want to join this company then you should keep an eye on the corporate website and check for the latest updates.

With any network marketing opportunity your success is going to rely on your mlm sponsoring ability and duplication within your team. As a leader it’s YOUR responsibility to create a system that is easily duplicatable by your downline…that is if you want to build a walk away income.

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