Fantaz – Work & Play All Rolled Into 1 (Plus Get Your Pre-Launch Referral Code Here!)

fantazHow would you like to play games online for fun and cash prizes whilst building yourself a residual income that will pay you for years to come?

Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it? Well it might be possible with Fantaz, a new online gaming venture currently in its pre-launch phase. They are planning to officially launch in November this year, you can however get in early and secure yourself a position at the top of the stack ready for ‘go live’ day. You just need a referring reference number (I have one, wink, wink, lol)

I remember looking into something like this a while back with a company called UvMe, to be honest I dismissed it as just a tacky hyped up flash in the pan. As far as I’m aware it’s still going, but it’s not exactly taking over the world (my blog gets more traffic than their corporate site)

But before we go any further check out these videos from Fantaz, you will get the general idea what it’s all about (complete with SMOKIN hot ladies!)…

This is the Company Introduction video


This is the ZBO Introduction (Z Business Owner – where the money is)


===>>You can download the compensation plan here<<===

To be honest this is something that you could quite comfortably run on the side of your existing business activities, especially right NOW as it’s in pre launch and there are a LOT of people looking into it. Assuming you know how to position your content appropriately and be found you can ‘accidently’ get quite a few signups. It’s free to join right now; you will only have to start paying on launch day. By then you may have scooped up a fair few signups.

The cost of ZBO membership is as follows:

  • Basic – $99.95 one time fee
  • Pro – $99.95 + $24.95 p/month back office fee
  • Expert – $99.95 + $49.95 p/month back office fee

Obviously you have maximum earnings potential at the Expert level.

As far as Biz ops go this isn’t too expensive so it will probably attract a fair few people. If you are thinking about joining this deal then my advice is just to lock in a spot immediately, it won’t cost you anything. You then want to start marketing it and get as many people into your downline as possible.

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