Flexkom Review

Flexkom is a global loyalty rewards program dedicated to providing both international shoppers and merchants’ rewards for being part of the Flexkom community. Membership provides shoppers with cash back benefits from both online and offline shopping. With global expansion to over 50 countries around the world rewards will be easy to accomplish. Flexkom Turkey, Flexkom Switzerland, Flexkom United Kingdom, Flexkom United States and Flexkom Trinidad are all countries with the technology.

Flexkom – The Company

Cengis Ehliz is the owner of Flexkom International. Members earn cash back with every purchase. Loyal customers are merchants’ greatest assets. Flexkom opportunity rewards both Loyal Customers and Loyal Merchants from shopping within the Flexkom community, making this profitable for all parties. The merchants get more sales from awarding discounts and the members get cash back from receiving the discounts.

How Does Flexkom Work?

With the evolution of M-Commerce the network of merchants in different countries continue to grow daily. Loyalty Flexkom merchants across a wide cross section of products offer members advantageous shopping worldwide. This allows members to earn cash back both locally and internationally.

Flexkom members only will receive special cash back discounts of the purchase value credited to their account. Regular every day shopping continually increase the cash back balance. This money can be used to purchase or pay for other items within the global network of merchants’.

Flexkom – The Opportunity

Flexkom offers a limited number of entrepreneurs in different countries around the world to become Global FranchisePartners. This means a specified number of licenses are allocated to a country or region so as to avoid saturation.

Franchise Holders are the ones that see the vision and join the evolution of M- Commerce. Everyone must shop for basic needs and wants. Oprah Winfrey shopped in Switzerland looking for hand bags. With a Flexkom card and a Flexkom merchant she will get a discount even if she does not need a discount. Franchise holders are allowed to grow a network of Loyal Merchants, Franchise Partners and Loyal members.

Global Franchise Partners

This is the opportunity to own a Franchise of a worldwide company. Kentucky Fried Chicken, T.G.I.F Restaurant, Burger King are just some franchises that are international. The price to own one is in the millions. Flexkom is in the infant stage so now is the time to get your legacy established by owning a Flexkom Franchise.

Flexkom Loyalty Merchants

The statistics show that online sales are increasing astronomically every year and as a result it will be a must to have an online presence to stay in business. Flexkom technology allows merchants to use their system to advertise and notify new and loyal members of their business. How much will be worth to tell 10,000 people that Shop X has a sale by the touch of a button? Sign up to be a Flexkom Loyalty Merchant.

Flexkom Loyalty Members

People spend millions online and offline everyday. Would you like to get a discount on your everyday purchases? Groceries, Restaurant, Retail stores, Pharmacies, Hair Salons, Car dealerships and many more merchants are part of the Flexkom network and giving cash back to Loyal Members. The smart thing to do will be to request your Flexkom Loyalty Card.


The company is offering merchants, entrepreneurs and members value for money. The price for the franchise may be a bit expensive for some, however it is affordable based on market price of owning a franchise. Flexkom merchants will be able to increase sale and save on advertising cost. Merchants will be afforded Geo targeting which allows the customer to find the product. Loyalty members get discounts both local and international, online and offline making it easy to get cash back. Find the facts and make an informed choice.

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