Forever Living – All Dreams Begin Somewhere, Will Yours Begin With This Company?

Forever Living is a very successful and popular Network Marketing company, operating across the globe.

Although they are essentially a ‘health, wellness & beauty’ company and there is a LOT of competition in this niche, don’t let that put you off joining. As with anything in life, there’s always going to be tough competition, you just need to make sure that you rise to the top of it all.

Forever Living is a multi billion dollar company based in Scottsdale, Arizona with over 9.5 MILLION distributors across 145 countries. It all started in 1978 when founder Rex Maughan came to the realization that life was not about struggling to make ends meet and wearing yourself down in the process, but about being healthy and financially free.

The first ever product meeting in Tempe was attended by 43 people, where he revealed the compensation plan and business model. Since then it’s grown to the giant it is today.

“It’s another reminder of what can really be achieved if you follow your dreams and do whatever it takes to make them a reality.”

Forever Living has also received positive exposure for its achievements in several popular publications such as the Business Journal, Direct Selling News and Inc 500 Magazine. There is also a great leadership team behind the company, with a collective wealth of experience that surpasses many company leadership teams. Rex’s son Gregg is President and Rjay Lloyd is Executive Senior Vice President. Navaz Ghaswala who has been with the company since inception is Secretary & Executive Vice President.

The Forever Living Products

There are dozens of products to choose from and most are based on the famous Aloe Vera plant. It’s well documented that Aloe provides several benefits to the human body from its rich nutrients; it’s also effective for soothing skin complaints and burns. The company also has a range of bee products; they actually have their own bee hives to ensure that they can control the source of their ingredients, resulting in a high quality product.


With nutrition, weight management, cosmetic and skin care products you can appeal to a wide range of customers with your Forever Living business. If you are going to be joining as a distributor then take the time to become familiar with their extensive product range, people like to buy from someone who has good product knowledge.

All Forever living products carry certification from the International Aloe Science Council, PETA Cruelty Free, Islamic Seal Of Approval, Kosher and Halal. They also help various charities through their ‘Forever Giving’ program.

The Business Opportunity
The compensation plan allows you to earn a promotional, front end income from retail sales and a monthly residual (passive) income from building a team of active distributors under you. Forever Living operates a very fair pay plan with a real emphasis on rewarding those who work hard.

They also believe in the ‘No pass-Ups’ rule, whereby no one in your downline is promoted above you and if they are promoted, then you are too. If you are willing to put in the work and effort required then you can be successful with this company.

Just like the many Forever Living reviews online will tell you, this is a great company. You must remember though that just because you are teamed up with a great company, your success isn’t guaranteed. You will still need to (and become skilled at) personally recruiting, training and motivating team members, plus of course making product sales.

There’s a comprehensive training site put together by the company, but ultimately just relying on your ‘warm market’ probably won’t create the kind of results you are looking for. You really need to find a way to bring in new qualified prospects on a regular basis so that you can make a presentation to them. Sadly, a lack of leads and cash flow is the number one reason for failure in this amazing industry.

By using some simple, straight forward methods online you can generate in excess of 30 targeted leads every day for your business. By using a system you can make money from them on autopilot and sponsor 2 or more into your Forever Living business daily.

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