Free MLM Leads All Day Long – A Simple, Easy Strategy You Can Start Today!

nmleadsWould you like to learn a very cool strategy to generate some free mlm leads? If you’ve arrived here then the answer is probably yes.

Well the good news is that I can show you how to generate free MLM leads for your business. One of the biggest problems faced by a network marketer is often a lack of leads. It’s all well and good being told by your upline to go and prospect your warm market, and going further afield into a ‘cold’ market to try and drum up business.

Whilst every marketer thinks that their deal is the best thing since sliced bread, the fact is that most of the people you talk to about your opportunity are probably not going to join. If they did then we would have all been millionaires years ago. For the average distributor they quickly find that they’ve run out of people to talk to. Which is a BIG problem, obviously.

So how can we fix this?

Well a lot of network marketers are now realising the power of the internet to generate leads. The simple fact is that it works (I speak from personal experience). This blog you’re looking at right now, generates anything from 20-50 leads each and every day, and guess what…’s all free mlm leads. Sure I had to work my butt off for 3 months to get things running, but which would you prefer? 3 months of hard, dedicated work to enjoy free, endless leads for the next few years OR busting your butt cold calling and chasing every tom, dick and harry around trying to get them to join your business until you finally burn out and quit?

I’m guessing you’d rather bust your butt for 3 months

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This is a straight forward strategy that works as follows:

1) You will create a piece of content that is valuable to the end user. It might be an article, video, audio, podcast or blog post. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just good, useful information that people will benefit from. You could write a review about an MLM company, MLM leader or perhaps it could be a training on something new that you’ve learnt.

2) Publish that piece of content somewhere it will stay. I would recommend your own personal blog (it’s dead easy to set one up), if you’ve produced a video, upload it to YouTube as well, as that site gets a lot of traffic.

3) Create a short article promoting the piece of content that you have created and then syndicate it to as many different places on the internet as possible. You can submit to your favourite article directories, other blogs, squidoo, hubpages, social bookmarking sites etc… The more syndication the better. There are many software applications and services (free & paid) that will do all this for you at the push of a button. Make sure that your article links back to your ORIGINAL content, as you want to benefit from increased rankings in the search engines and you want people to click through to your website/video.

4) The final step is to be consistent! This whole process will take you around 1.5 – 2 hours a day. It will probably take you longer the first time you do it, but by the time you’ve been through the whole process 5 – 10 times it will become 2nd nature. Do this for the next 90 days and you will have more traffic and leads than you can cope with.

That my friend is my free mlm leads strategy in brief, and I can tell you it works. Using only this strategy I am in the top 10 lead producers in the Attraction Marketing system I use to build my business. Bear in mind there are some heavy hitters in there and thousands of members!

If you want to transform your life then you need to make a decision right now to MAKE IT HAPPEN. So roll up your sleeves and get started right away!

I have put together a 6 day video training course that will take you step – by – step how to use this strategy, to create 20-50+ free MLM leads every day. I will show you the quickest way to get things done and show you the system I use to prospect all my leads on autopilot.

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