FreeLife International – Live Life Like A True MLM’er?

This review will focus on FreeLife International, if you’re thinking of joining then stick around and learn some important information about the company, plus how you can be successful with them!

FreeLife are a health & wellness company and a very well respected one, they’ve experienced impressive growth since their launch in 1995. So much so that they were the youngest company to be featured on the front cover of the popular ‘Success’ magazine publication! It’s always great to be working with a company with such a great track record.

They now operate in 26 countries worldwide and are head quartered in Phoenix, Arizona. Originally founded by CEO Ray Faltinsky and President Kevin Fournier, they are also a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business. Ray first appreciated the power of nutritional supplements at 15 years of age when his mother was cured of osteoporosis; this inspired him to tell the world about the power of nutrition and natural ingredients. Kevin has a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and currently serves on the board of the DSA (Direct Selling Association).

“FreeLife has 100% committed and genuine leadership and backing”

The FreeLife International Products

There are a range of nutritional supplements to choose from. The most notable and widely publicised are GoChi which is known as the ‘healthiest super juice on the planet’, its designed to help your body perform at its peak and make you feel great, it can also help you sleep better and experience less stress.

Their weight loss programme, TAIslim is also very popular along with REVERSE, which is their Anti-Aging Formula. There are also various other shakes and beverages to choose from. There is a strong Science & Advisory board behind the products and they have also been tested in many clinical trials. The bottom line is that they work!

Many of their products are based on the goji berry which is found mostly in China, it’s said to have many beneficial properties to the human body and can also slow the aging process. You can be confident in promoting the Free Life products to your prospective customers and business partners.

The FreeLife International Business Opportunity

To enrol you will need to find a sponsor, they can then enrol you, or you can go directly to the corporate website and enrol there, you will be charged an enrolment fee which they will confirm at the time of joining. You are then ready to build your business.

There is a unilevel compensation plan in place that will allow you to earn from retailing the products and also building a team of distributors under you. Network marketing should be about residual income, so you really want to be making a long term commitment to this business and sponsor new people regularly. This is the ONLY way you can build that walk away income.

There are several bonuses with the comp plan such as fast start, quick start, advancement and matching bonuses. You can download the full comp plan here. The top rank in the pay plan is Presidential Royal Ambassador, according to the company’s statistics the average income at this level is $676,523 per year. At the bottom level of Executive the average earnings is $284.89 per year.

“Make no mistake, to reach the top of ANY network marketing company will take ruthless determination & persistence PLUS probably a few years.”

As I said network marketing is all about creating a walk away residual income, so which would you rather….bust your butt for 5 years then retire, or work for someone else for the next 30 odd years?

It’s clear to see that FreeLife International is a fantastic company to join with great products, comp plan, leadership and track history. Pretty much most of the FreeLife reviews you read online will say the same thing. But just being partnered with a great company won’t guarantee your success.

You are still going to need to develop your recruiting skills and be able to lead a team of people to the promised land. YOU will need to become the LEADER.

You will also need to overcome the two biggest problems faced by network marketers today, and that is a lack of leads and cash flow. Without a regular influx of leads from opportunity seekers/buyers you won’t get very far. Just relying on your ‘warm market’ and making a list of friends and family probably won’t cut it.

Generating 20+ leads a day for your FreeLife business online is surprisingly easy if you follow a PROVEN blueprint. By using a system you can also build a relationship with those leads on autopilot so that they will WANT to work with, and buy products from you.

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