Herbalife – Are You Ready To Join This MLM Giant & Make Your Fortune? Get The Full Facts In This Independent Review!

Welcome to my Herbalife review, if you’re thinking of joining this network marketing company then read on!

If you joined Herbalife then you would be teaming up with one of the most popular, established network marketing companies around. They’ve been in business now for over 30 years, are a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA), Accredited by the Better Business Bureau and listed on the New York Stock Exchange. These four facts alone give them great credibility!

The company was founded by Mark Hughes who sadly is no longer with us. He had a vision of helping others to achieve better health alongside a business opportunity that could produce unlimited wealth & prosperity. Herbalife have made some amazing achievements over the years and now operate across the world in 73 different countries, it’s estimated they have an independent distributor network of more than 2.1 million!

They’ve also received many awards such as the 2010 Apple Award, Seoul Social Welfare Contributor of the Year Award, The Centre of Excellence Award from Benchmark Portal and the 2010 Community Service and Corporate Social Responsibility Award.

“As a Herbalife distributor you know you have a VERY credible company backing you”

The Herbalife Products

They have a range of nutritional and wellness products, probably some of the best in the industry. You will find products specifically geared towards, weight management, digestive health, heart health, specialist nutrition, personal care and immune system health. You would be able to provide potential customers with a full range of supplements for pretty much every part of their body!


They also control the majority of the manufacturing process which means better quality products for the end user, their products have also been subjected to clinical trials and proven to be effective. Their skilled advisory and research team means that Herbalife are going to keep kicking out top notch gear for the foreseeable future!

There is also a Herbalife Nutrition Advisory Board which the company set up to educate distributors on various aspects of nutrition, this in turn helps them better advise their customers.

The Business Opportunity
There is a lucrative compensation plan in place that you can take full advantage of if you decide to become a distributor. Signing up will cost you just under $50 and you will be eligible for a discount on the products, so in theory you can start selling immediately for promotional, upfront income. The real power of network marketing is found in the ability to build a residual income.

To do this you need to build a team of successful distributors under you (as many as possible!). Interestingly, Herbalife pays out 73% of product revenues back into the distributor network, this is HIGH in comparison to a lot of other companies.

You will be able to earn from retail sales, repeat (autoship) customer orders, plus royalties and various other bonuses. To get the most out of this opportunity you should be focusing your efforts on personal sponsoring, training and motivating your team. In other words YOU must become a LEADER 🙂

“The company also set up the Herbalife Family Foundation & their Casa Herbalife program which provides support for at risk children around the world and disaster relief.”

There are probably thousands of Herbalife reviews on the internet, most written by distributors wanting you to sign up, but from my independent viewpoint (I’m not a distributor) I can definitely recommend this company to you if this is your ideal market. You can have a lot of success and piggy back off their credibility and reputation.

You will need a steady flow of targeted leads to your business though if you are going to sponsor any significant numbers. Just relying on friends, family and your warm market is probably NOT going to produce the sort of income you’re looking for. You need to devise away to generate 10, 20+ leads each day for your business and be making a presentation to them.

Generating leads online is one of the best solutions to the number 1 network marketing problem (lack of leads). By following my proven strategies you can be sponsoring 1 or 2 new people into your Herbalife Business EVERY day.

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