How Simple Tribe Marketing Can Make Everyone Envy You!

tribemarketingIf you want instant exposure for your content and a mad rush of traffic, leads and customers ready to buy your stuff then I’ve got two words for you my friend…Tribe Marketing.

Recently taking the Network Marketing industry by storm, Tribe Marketing you could say has ‘revolutionised’ the online marketing arena. Imagine producing a high quality piece of content, whether it be an article or video and having other people syndicating it across their social networks for you.

The end result being hundreds of high class backlinks (which Google will love), a ton of comments on your blog making you look cool, plus a flood of traffic within minutes to your content, and the leads and sales that would naturally follow.

Sound good?

Well that’s what tribe marketing can do for you. As we both know network marketing is all about relationships and helping each other out in order that we ALL profit, well this marketing method works on the same principles.

To succeed in online Network marketing you need hungry prospects coming to your opt-in and sales pages in their droves, period. There are three main ways to achieve this…

1) Organic traffic – from the major search engines like Google. By far this is the most long term, profitable marketing method and it’s residual, meaning…do the work once, reap the rewards over and over. In order to make this work for you, your content must be found in the search engine listings when people type in key phrases and words that interest them. So you need to know what people are searching for, and also how to get your content to show up at the top of the first page.

2) Pay for traffic – There are many ways to ‘pay’ to have your content listed high in the search engines, although this isn’t as easy as it used to be, especially if you are planning to advertise with Google. Luckily for paying marketers you can now easily set up a Facebook Pay per Click campaign for relatively little money and enjoy instant traffic. Personally I think paid traffic sucks, but if you don’t then sign up for a Facebook PPC course.

3) Direct Traffic From External Sources – This can take a while to develop, but you can post links to your website directly on the social networks, bookmarking sites and forums. To do this you will need to be actively participating in the networks and offering some good value if you want anybody to click through.

My personal favourite strategy is number 1 above, but it does require work, as getting your content up high in the search engines requires a ton of backlinks. These are links from other sites and people that ‘like’ your content, and therefore ‘want’ to link to it so others can enjoy it. How the heck do I do that you ask?

Well that’s where Tribe marketing comes up trumps.

There are networks now in place designed with this specific goal in mind. Take TribePro for example, this you can join for free and have your content syndicated by other people in the industry, generating you hundreds of backlinks from sites like Facebook, Delicious, Stumble upon, Twitter, plus countless blogs.

Not only does this generate hundreds of visitors and backlinks to your content, it also makes you look popular. You’ve seen those little Facebook & Twitter buttons that show how many times content has been shared? Well imagine having these on your blog with numbers in the hundreds, cool huh? Oh and let’s not forget the new Google +1 button, which can have a very powerful effect on your websites authority status.

So instead of single handedly trying to promote your content, get into Tribe marketing and let other people help you out. It’s a simple strategy that anyone can start using today, and you can start for free.

By sharing other people’s content across your social networks, you will earn ‘credits’ and once you have a certain amount, the system will then allow you to submit your content to be shared by others.


Of course one of the beauties of marketing online is the ability to automate most things and LEVERAGE your time. By upgrading to a paid membership you can have the whole thing done on autopilot, without you doing anything!

“Remember one thing…..don’t waste your time struggling alone, when there’s a whole tribe of people waiting to help you succeed in your business!”

Over the last 9 months I’ve sponsored over 276 people into my business and generated thousands of leads, mostly on autopilot, by using one simple strategy and a SYSTEM that does all the heavy lifting for me. You can do this too, whatever business you are involved with and you don’t need to be a technical genius.

Imagine what your business would be like with 30+ leads a day and sponsoring 1-5 people DAILY, sometimes without even picking up the telephone 🙂 Enter your Name & Email below and watch my video to see how it’s done.


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