How To Get Leads Today & Make Money

What’s the number one thing you must have to make lots of money from home in your business?


Or more specifically…

Real people with hopes and dreams looking at your business/products/services

No exposure = no potential for sales

When I got started online in my business back in 2009 the first thing I knew I had to do was create a steady flow of DAILY leads

For the last 5 years straight I’ve been receiving leads daily…

Never missing a day

(not even on Christmas Day)

I’ve heard it a lot

“It’s not easy to find leads and people to talk to about my business”

The reality is that it’s very easy to get leads today through the internet

I’m going to do a live training on this and in the meantime here’s a strategy that anyone can start using right now to generate leads for your business…


I came across this strategy a week and a half ago…

And I’m amazed at how effective it is…

Very little ‘grind’ is needed

With this strategy there is never again any excuse not to be getting leads daily…

Unless you choose not to get leads daily

Here’s the strategy

1) Open an Instagram account (smartphone needed)

2) Upload your profile picture (of YOU) and write your bio (150 character limit so use the space wisely)

3) Include a link to your capture page (stock page or your own custom page – custom will work better)

4) Search for relevant hash tags and start following people in your area of interest (or use an automated service to do it for you, or hire a VA)

5) Start posting up content 2-4 times daily (pictures and videos)

6) Grab yourself an app that makes text images for Instragram (saves you tons of time)

7) Focus your efforts on serving your new & growing audience (don’t pitch all the time)

8) Every few days you can post up a ‘pitch’

9) Start receiving new followers and leads daily

10) Start making sales into your business by following up with your new leads

This is a really good strategy because you are now:

– Building a targeted audience

– Generating leads

– Forcing yourself to post up content daily

– Building YOU as a brand (not your opportunity or offer – if you only brand your offer prepare to be slapped over the wrist and for your followers to disregard you)

– It’ll work whatever your level of experience

That’s it!

Never again is there a valid excuse not to get lots of leads for your home business 🙂

Next up you need an income vehicle so you can start being paid commissions daily

That will be your existing business or preferably a front end funded proposal offer that’s a low cost entry point and has upsells

My preferred choices are My Lead System Pro (for network marketers) and/or Empower Network (which can also be used as a primary income vehicle because they pay you 70% commissions up to $3K and their culture is unlike anything else available – your team will stick around longer and buy more stuff even if your not yet skilled at selling & creating your own culture)

You’ll need to follow up by email with your leads and to do that you can use Aweber

Post regular content on your blog and email it out to your prospects so you’re always pre-framing the invitation to join your opportunity with a value based post

It’s as simple as that 🙂

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Get started now & enjoy making money from home 🙂

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