How To Get Network Marketing Leads For FREE (Never pay for leads again EVER, using this strategy)

In today’s post I will be sharing with you a strategy that I use to generate free Network Marketing leads.

“The fact is that we as network marketers need leads to survive. Without lots of them we will die, it really is as simple as that.”

So what I’m going to do is show you a strategy that you can begin using in your business TODAY that will get you leads each day for free, using the internet. Now you are gonna have to roll your sleeves up and take action on this, it’s not a totally free lunch, but it works, and will bring you RESIDUAL TRAFFIC & LEADS.

You will need to take consistent daily action, and you will see the results of your efforts after a week or so. What we are going to be doing is creating useful content that is targeted to our particular niche. The reason for doing this is twofold, firstly to provide value to our readers and pre sell ourselves to them, so that they actually WANT to visit our website and opt in for more information from us.

Secondly we want to get our content and website listed in the search engines, especially Google, because we can then get a lot of free daily traffic.

So here is the Network marketing leads generation strategy in brief

1) Create a website where you can post your own content. I would highly recommend a WordPress blog, these are easy to set up and rank well in the search engines (watch my video bootcamp below for step by step instructions). I would always recommend a self hosted blog that is on your own web hosting account.

Using something like or leaves you at the mercy of others. If someone decided to, they could shut down your blog in an instant! Don’t waste your time and take that risk, get a domain and hosting account.

2) Create an opt in form or box on your website. This is where a visitor can enter their name & email address in order to receive further information from you. You will also need something to offer your visitors! So this could be an eBook or a video training of some description (see my video training below for step by step instructions to set this up).

3) Create an article about a particular subject relating to your niche, this might be a company review, a review of a leader in the industry or perhaps a training article. Either way it needs to be useful to the end reader! With an article you will also have an ‘author resource’ box where you can promote your website. You are not allowed to promote yourself or anything else in an article body. Have a look at some articles on to get an idea for an article layout.

4) Proof read your article and make sure it’s free of spelling errors. There’s nothing worse than reading a badly written article, it will lower your reputation in the mind of your readers. Then post you article on your website.

5) Next you should submit your article to a few of the top article directories. You can search on Google for ‘top article directories’ and you will find a list of the directories that get the most traffic and attention online. Submit your article to say the top 10, or more if you have the time. The more you can submit to the better, there is even software available now that will help with the submission process and practically automate the process.

In the author resource box of your article you should link back to the original content on your website, you should also use the appropriate ‘anchor text’ (the keywords that best describe the subject of your web page). Watch my video bootcamp below for an in depth demonstration.

6) Create a short video that promotes your newly written article. This can be a simple screen capture where you make a brief announcement that you have written a new blog post and giving a few reasons why someone should read it. The idea is to pre qualify your viewer and entice them to visit your blog/website.

Submit your video to as many video sharing sites as possible, include the big ones like YouTube & Viddler. Again there is software available that will automate this for you, I personally use Traffic Geyser.

That my friend is the strategy in brief. You should repeat this DAILY for the next 90 days and I can assure you that you will have lots of traffic and be generating lots of Network Marketing leads for your business. You will find that this strategy continues to work for months and years after you produce your content. I still get leads from articles that I wrote over a year ago.

This is a powerful strategy and using ONLY this method I am in the top 10 lead generators in My Lead System Pro, which is the number 1 attraction marketing system on the planet. There are thousands of members and only 10 slots on the leader board. See my video proof here.

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