iLearningGlobal Review – They Shut Down Their Network Marketing Arm (From Someone Who Couldn’t Join fast Enough!)

I have recently had the pleasure of being introduced to iLearningGlobal and I must say it really is a pleasure to finally come across something that is worthwhile given the amount of dross I’ve trawled through over the last 3 months. iLearningGlobal is an online training & devleopment company and provides coaching on entrepreneurism, business & personal development from the top masterminds, business coaches, public speakers and personal development coaches from across the world.

If you are someone who has a POWERFUL VISION for your future then this product is made for you.

Attention: iLearningGlobal has today (17/03/2010) chopped off it’s network marketing arm and ditched ALL of it’s Mastermind marketers!

This product will offer unrivalled value to absolutely anyone who decides to enrol if they are seeking to improve their business and personal life. Inside the system you will have 24/7 access to hundreds of hours of HD streaming videos, audios and e-books that will categorically change your life forever if you choose to absorb and implement the training provided and to make things easier the training is broken up into ‘bite-size chunks’ of 15 minutes.

Members are recommended to wake up and watch one 15 minute video a day as a bare minimum, after just a few weeks you are going to be more POWERFUL in your business and personal development than 97% of the population. They have made a very heavy investment in technology and use the same HD streaming systems as TV companies such as ABC and NBC. The total value of the training within this system amounts to around 3 million dollars all at a ridiculously low monthly subscription.

What makes this even more fantastic is that you can earn a residual income through their mastermind networking compensation plan by sharing the product with friends, family, co-workers or anyone you feel may want to improve their life and receive daily coaching from the world’s top masterminds.

iLearningGlobal is a new breed of online network marketing and across the company they have a retention rate of 93%……yes 93%, to hear such a ridiculous figure is somewhat unbelievable considering that in previous companies I’ve seen retention rates of no better than 15%. If you watch the webinar that I will invite you to later then you will see exactly WHY iLearningGlobal boast this crazy figure.

What’s different about iLearningGlobal?

Can you imagine having a home business where the product that you sell EMPOWERS people? By introducing them to the product you are actually giving them more value than you could possibly imagine, you are offering them life changing information from the most successful masterminds from around the globe to enable them to create a POWERFUL future for themselves and their family.

By continual learning in the techniques of entrepreneurism, business masterminding, mindset, goal setting and personal relationships your life is going to change for the better. iLearningGlobal offers all of this and much more for the price of a meal out. PLUS they show you how to write off way more of your profits as business expenses than you could in any other non training business, so you will be saving a LOT on taxes in your home business.

If you ever wanted a home business that allowed you to earn a full or part-time income whilst you empowered your own life and those that you come into contact with then iLearningGlobal is worth a look. The fact that this company is new on the scene means that we currently have zero penetration in the market; this is a chance to get in on the ground level and with their extremely rewarding and flexible compensation plan this means that there are going to be many millionaires created.


We must of course consider if the product would stand up on its own. In most mlm companies the reality is that most distributors would cancel their auto ship if there was not a compensation plan attached to it, in fact most people would probably not even buy the product in the first place!

For a company to be truly successful they must have a suitably priced product that people love and would buy even if there was no compensation plan attached. Otherwise in 2 years the company probably will be dead & buried. With iLearningGlobal, you have a product that thousands of business owners, professionals, companies, corporations and individuals are buying without even joining the business opportunity. I’ve never seen anything like it and it’s certainly cured my cognitive dissonance problem.

Who is our market?
Individuals and businesses who want more personal power, freedom and prosperity…..can you think of anyone who doesn’t want this? I can’t.

Who should I partner with?
To join as a customer or mastermind marketer of iLearningGlobal you will need to be personally invited. Who you partner with is your decision; it’s important to find someone who knows what they are doing and has a SYSTEM in place that you are able to duplicate. It’s always going to work better if you gel with your sponsor on a personal level because they are going to be the one who you will be directly working with to grow and develop your team.

Vitally important is that your sponsor is contactable, I hear so many stories of new recruits being ditched by their sponsor after signing on the dotted line, it’s things like this that give our industry a bad name.

As you will already know from the top of my article they have terminated their network marketing arm. It’s a very sad day for sure, but hey we must move on! The vultures are out in force right now, but if you were an iLearningGlobal marketer then stay focused and lets move on.

Should you stay on/sign up as a customer, undoubtedly YES! The training is awesome.

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