Immunotec, A Company You Should Stand Up And Take Notice Of

When choosing a network marketing company to join you want to find one that has awesome products and preferably has established itself with a sound reputation. Immunotec fits the bill!

Personally I’m not a distributor for them so I won’t be trying to get you to sign up, but I will tell you that all the evidence points to this company being on the list of deals you should consider.

They are still relatively unheard of, which means there’s still a ton of potential for getting the word out about their very effective products. Immunotec was founded in 1996 after the merger of Evergreen Products Ltd. with Immunotec Research Corporation. They are focused on bringing nature and science together to create products that truly make a difference to people lives.


They are based in Quebec, Canada and have a very strong leadership team. Interestingly Robert Henry is the Executive Chairman and CEO. Robert held office (2004-2008) as CEO & director of Arbonne International, another well known network marketing company. He has even held an executive position with the MLM giant Amway! Combined with the 3 other executive board members Stuart A MacMillan, Robert Felton and Patrick Montpetit there is an incredibly talented leadership taking Immunotec forward.

The Immunotec Products


The company has a line of several different products such as food supplement shakes, omega 3 & calcium supplements, skin care, vitamin & mineral supplements, toothpaste and their flagship product Immunocal. Immunocal was researched and created by Dr. Gustavo Bounous along with several other medical experts. Decades of research has gone into it, its passed 34 clinical trials, has 77 worldwide patents and can be found listed in the physicians’ desk reference plus the pharmacists ‘red’ book. An impressive achievement indeed!

There are many testimonials as to the products effectiveness; the milk based serum works by strengthening the immune system with bonded cysteine, a building block for glutathione. Many people state that they have had years knocked off their appearances and functionality of their bodies. Immunotec believe that selling the product to your customers will be easy, as they will notice a significant difference in your appearance and start asking questions. There is no need for you to stock products as the company will ship directly to your customers.

“Immunotec are now expanding to 29 countries”

The compensation plan

You can earn money from 4 different ways. Obviously this is Network Marketing so the idea is to build a residual, passive income that will pay you for the years ahead. This will be achieved by building a large team of distributors under you. The four ways to earn are retail profits, the Immunodirect autoship program, business builder bonus and the ‘moving up’ bonus. You can download the compensation plan here.

“The biggest incomes will be created by those who know how to effectively recruit and get their team duplicating success.”

One of the biggest problems faced by new distributors is a lack of new prospects to talk to about the products and business opportunity. Let’s face it; if you’re not talking to at LEAST 2 new people a day about your business then when is it ever going to get off the ground and gain momentum? Your upline is probably going to tell you to make a list of your friends, family and anyone else that you have contact details for, then start calling them up. This is all well and good and does work BUT what happens when you run through that list?

Chances are you won’t have recruited many (if any) people into your business. To be successful with this business you MUST find a way to continually increase your warm market on a daily basis.

Using the internet and some basic, straightforward strategies and systems, you can have 30+ NEW people to talk to about your business each and every day. Can you imagine the kind of results you can experience? To see how you can start today, enter your Name & Email below for my free 6 day video training course. I will also show you the system I use to effortlessly build my business on autopilot…..


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