Is Magnetic Sponsoring Worth The Fifty Bucks?

OK so hopefully you’ve found this page as you’re searching for reviews about the Magnetic Sponsoring course by Mike Dillard.

There are a TON of marketing courses out there designed to be the ‘secret’ sauce’ for the Network Marketer, but few of them actually deliver. They are usually some re-hashed information from the dark ages of internet history.

Now I’ve actually bought the Magnetic Sponsoring course myself and have gotten some incredible value from it. It will teach you the principles of Attraction Marketing, becoming an ‘Alpha’ leader and the use of funded proposals. Up until 5 years ago no one marketing online had heard of these principles, there was certainly no-one using them.


Mike Dillard introduced these concepts to the online world which caused a revolution in the home business and network marketing industry. Mike himself had no grand beginnings in the industry, he used to wait tables for heaven’s sake and wonder where his next meal was coming from! He was a shy, unconfident marketer afraid to talk to his prospects and would endlessly bug his upline with silly questions. Now he is an eight figure earner and hailed by many as some sort of ‘God’ in the industry.

Should you buy Magnetic Sponsoring?

Yes you should, it’s about $47, well worth it. But I know that most who read this post won’t be prepared to invest a measley $47 into their future, but for those that will let’s have a quick look at what you will learn.

You will learn the concepts of Attraction Marketing. The art of positioning yourself in such a way that prospects come to you, rather than you going out and ‘hunting’ for the next sale or signup. The days of cold calling and pitching everyone within 3 feet of you are over (if you want them to be). There is a MUCH better way. Using these concepts you can actually end up with people calling you and asking to join your business. I’ve had this happen many times.

You will also learn how to become an ‘Alpha’ leader. An alpha man/woman is someone that has an unbreakable resolve about themselves and what they want for their future. These are people that have DECIDED to become successful; they aren’t ‘giving it a go’ or ‘hoping for the best’. They lead by example, others look up to them and their teams and prospects hang on their every word. You will learn how to become like this in Magnetic Sponsoring.

You will also learn to distinguish ‘pre-alphas’ (people on their way to becoming an alpha, they are starting to catch the vision and will make a good team member). You will also be able to recognise the rest of the population, those who follow everyone else and don’t have any kind of vision for themselves. You will still make money from these people but you shouldn’t place them in prominent positions in your team, or spend too much, if any, one to one time with them.

Finally you will learn about funded proposals, this is a marketing system based on offering value to your prospects. You will attract leads to you and then you will give them value, rather than just ramming sales pitches down their throats. You will offer and recommend products in a scientific and proven way, plus you will sell your primary business on the BACK END. Not the front end like every other failing distributor does.

I hope this Magnetic Sponsoring review has at least tempted you to take a look at it. I don’t care of you buy it from me or not, but I do care that you actually buy it, read it and IMPLEMENT what Mike teaches. Magnetic Sponsoring will be the best $47 you have ever spent.

Grab Mike’s free 7 day video training series by clicking the link, and you will get a taste of what is to come.

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