Is There An Usana Scam? Do You Want To Know The Truth?

Everything We Do(EN.FR.SP.CH)Usana have been producing high quality products since 1992 and they are one of the most successful network marketing companies in the industry.

Is there such a thing as a Usana scam?

The short answer is no. Usana are one of the most respected Network Marketing companies in existence, they have been selling science based products since 1992 and their products are acclaimed to be some of the best in the industry. Many customers and top athletes are raving about their products.

Many of these new fad companies that pop up on a seemingly weekly basis with the next magic pill or juice, soon fizzle out into oblivion very quickly. This is not the case with Usana.

If you were to talk to Usana associates then you would find most would give a raving review about the company, even the people that are not earning the big cheques. With 45% of revenue going back into the network, then it’s not surprising. They operate on a very robust binary system, while this wouldn’t be my own personal choice of compensation plan; it has the potential to make the savvy network marketer rich.

Like most things in life, the binary system is open to abuse when it comes to recruiting. Because of the possibility of ‘spillover’ commissions, whereby you would receive a share of commissions from people you didn’t even recruit, many distributors use this as an angle to recruit newbie’s. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this, they often don’t explain the importance of having your left and right legs volume balanced in order to qualify for spillovers. You can’t just make money out of thin air in a binary!

Usana do everything by the book and are in compliance with strict FTC guidelines, they have also received many international awards for their products and compensation plan. I’d consider them to be a benchmark for other companies to aim for.

Unfortunately due to many of the pyramid and ponzi schemes that frequented the market place in previous years many people have developed scepticism to the term Multi Level Marketing. This had led to all companies being tarred with the same brush, which is wrong. Network marketing is still in my opinion the number 1 way for the average person with limited business experience, to build for themselves a stable and lucrative business, working from home and on their terms.

Unfortunately there are still companies around to this day that could be labelled as a scam, and for good reasons, but as network marketers we need to do our best to get the message out there about our trade so that people understand it for what it really is.

When considering the track record, products and testimonies from distributors I can safely conclude that Usana is definitely not a scam. If you are considering joining Usana then you would be making a wise decision in my opinion. I would however take into consideration the fact the there is extremely fierce competition in the health& nutrition industry, and its becoming increasingly difficult for consumers to cut through the ‘hype’ products that are there just to get your cash, rather than to provide any benefit to your health.

So you will need to come up with a marketing plan that will efficiently cut through the ‘noise’. I hope this Usana scam review has pointed you in the right direction.

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