Javita – Grab A Cup Of Coffee And Prepare For Wealth?

We all know that coffee is an extremely popular drink, in fact it’s the 2nd most popular in the world! Everybody loves it and many people rely on it to get them started in the mornings. Heck, I’m drinking a cup right now whilst writing this review!

Given that it’s so popular and is loved by many, how about making a Network Marketing business opportunity out of it?

Well that’s exactly what Javita have done, right now they are preparing to officially launch on 1st June 2011 and are expecting to take the industry by storm. They are currently engaged in a social media campaign and it’s possible that you have come across them before under the title ‘Reserve Your Cup’. There isn’t much going on with their corporate website yet but I’m sure there will be soon.

Javita is actually a sister company to Waiora who are a network marketing company that sells health & nutrition products. The company is headed up by CEO Stanley Cherelstein and their headquarters are based in Florida.

Javita have formulated their own special brand of coffee which uses organically grown herbs and natural ingredients from South America, not only is it supposed to taste great, but is also designed to provide essential minerals. They have called it “Coffee Evolved!”

We don’t know yet what the cost of the product will be but it’s probably fair to say it will be more than your average supermarket brand, it has to be to support a network marketing comp plan right? However if it lives up to the red carpet Javita are laying before it, then it will sell well.

Javita have some pretty steep goals that they want to achieve by the end of next year, these are…to create 100,000 debt free households, 1000 six figure earners and 10 millionaires…and all this from coffee! It will be hard going but fantastic if they reach these goals. Only time will tell. If you are thinking of getting involved then it’s certainly worth a go, although it will cost you to get in.

Making Money With Javita

It will cost you either $99 or $599 to sign up as a distributor, obviously the higher package is better if you can afford it as you get more product, and you will also qualify for the Rank Advancement and Matching bonuses right out of the gate. You will earn 30% on your retail sales plus there is a unilevel compensation plan that will pay down to the 14th level at 4%….not bad.

You can also earn from the Fast Start Bonus, plus if you make it to the top of the pay plan you can take part in the lucrative MAD bonus, which is for managers and directors. This bonus pool pays out a percentage of ALL company revenue, which can be VERY interesting.

There are not many Javita review articles around on the internet at the time of writing, but as the company gains popularity there will be a lot of interest. So if you are going to get involved with this deal then now would be a good time to get yourself established and use some of the techniques I teach in my MLM bootcamp to get yourself positioned correctly.

You should also work out a system that will enable you to generate leads and expand your warm market on a DAILY basis. This is going to be CRITICAL to your success.

Assuming that you take the time to learn how to become an effective prospector and recruiter, then you can get in on this Javita Coffee wave and make bank.

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