Karat Bars – Are You Prepared For The ‘Gold Rush’ Of The 21st Century?

It always nice (and doesn’t happen very often) when I come across a network marketing opportunity that looks like it provides TRUE value to it’s customers.

Who are KB Vision (formerly KB Gold & now Karat Bars International)? They are a company in Germany that OWNS its very own goldmine (literally). Three years ago the rights to a goldmine in Istanbul, Turkey became available so KB bought it. Soon after that, a precious metals refinery became available for sale and they bought that also. Interestingly they bought everything in cash, they are a debt free company and own all their assets 100%. Although relatively unheard of, they’ve been in business for 16 years now.

KB Gold is the first company to ever own its own goldmine and refinery plant! There are 95 known top tier refineries in the world and (unfortunately) 89 of them are controlled by governments. The other 6 are privately owned. So we see straight away that we have something pretty interesting here.

We also know (most of us) that the world economy is in dire straits right now and there aren’t many signs of things getting much better. The US dollar is rapidly losing its value along with many other currencies in the world. The paper currency we rely on is failing.

We can’t get away from the fact that our futures are in danger, take for example the Euro…that was supposed to solve the European recession. And did it? Nope, not at all. The Euro is turning out to be a weak currency. There are some pretty scary predictions being made by economists everywhere and MANY people are jumping on the gold bandwagon.

Gold is the one currency that has ALWAYS maintained and INCREASED its value. In just the last 10 years it’s doubled in value and there are some pretty wild predictions that it will more than double in the next decade.

So what does Karat Bars offer?

KB Vision sells their gold in small amounts, I’m talking 0.5, 1 & 2 grams of gold. This is great because not everyone can fork out large sums of cash all at once to buy gold. By purchasing small amounts like this you can build up your stash at your own convenience.

You open an account with KB Gold Edelmetall and it’s basically like a bank account. You deposit cash and in exchange you will own some gold, which will then be stored for you in a secure vault in Switzerland (so secure that even the Swiss government use it!). If at any time you need to get your cash back for emergency purposes or whatever, then it’s simply a call away and KB Gold will buy back your gold from you and pay you back in cash.

“Alternatively you can have your gold stash delivered to your front door by their secure courier network!”

All their gold is 999.9 pure Kinebar quality gold bullion Kinebar (24 carat). A kinebar is a gold bar that contains a hologram to confirm its authenticity. The gold comes in a heat sealed card for protection and this gold is accepted as currency worldwide. In essence what you are doing is exchanging your decreasing in value cash, for a currency that has stood the test of time (over 2000 years) and will most likely continue to increase in value in the future.


In a worst case scenario that the world’s currencies crashed totally (which I personally believe they WILL), you will not be left stranded, but will have preserved your assets like any smart investor would.

So what’s the business opportunity with Karat Bars?

Well this is quite exciting as not only can you create your own stash of wealth, but you can also encourage others to do the same (you’d be doing them a favour) and make money from it.

KB Gold have a pretty basic, and quite frankly old fashioned compensation plan. You will be paid for new customer acquisitions plus you will earn a residual income of deposits that people make from your ENTIRE DOWNLINE TO UNLIMITED LEVELS. This is very cool as the potential is massive, especially as this company has recently branched out from Europe into the US, Canada, UK, Asia, Africa, Australia and India. You could be near the top of the stack in your country as this company is only just starting to get noticed as a viable business opportunity.

The system works on a point’s value, every time your customer/client purchases 1 Euro of gold, you gain 1 point. There are two ways your customers can buy gold…..

1) Sign up to a ‘contract’ and purchase gold each month. This way they avoid market fluctuations in price and get a more favourable rate.

2) Make one time purchases of gold, every time someone in your downline makes a deposit, you will get the equivalent in points.

At the end of the month, your volume is calculated and you get paid. You can either keep the cash or buy some more gold, it’s up to you.

“Oh, one more thing, enrolment is 100% FREE. Yes it’s free to enrol. Also there is no monthly ‘back office’ or ‘website’ fees to pay. It really is open to the masses.”

Now obviously with this being the case it may take longer to be earning the BIG bucks, but in time this can grow to a cash spitting beast. Plus in the meantime you can be building up your reserve of gold and protecting your future.

I really like this company, there’s a product here that people always have, and always will want. I also suspect that there is about to be a total, eruption of people buying up gold as the economic climate deteriorates and anyone in this line of business is going to cream it, big time.

“I always like to ask myself and my prospects, which would you rather have….. A garage full of empty juice bottles, or a garage full of gold!”

To be successful with Karat Bars, you will need to be positioned for the massive imminent rush. You should be positioned to generate 30 + leads a day, push them through a proven sales funnel that converts, make money from affiliate income streams, brand youself as a leader that prospects will beg to work with, and build your business on the back end.

This is surprisingly simple to achieve, you just need the blueprint. I’ve put together a free 4 hour video training bootcamp that will show you how to achieve this in your business FAST. Enter your Name & Email below and I look forward to talking to you on the next page!


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