Kleeneze – A Concise Review PLUS How To Make A Ton More Money With Your Business

Welcome to my Kleeneze review, if you are thinking about joining up with this company then hopefully this review will help you out, plus I will be showing you how to really make this business work for you.

Kleeneze must be one of the oldest MLM companies around, this UK based opportunity has been around since 1923 and was founded by Harry Crook, from Bristol, who later became the Lord Mayor. They are a catalogue shopping company and sell a range of products through a network marketing business model. If you live in the UK it’s VERY likely that at some point you’ve had a catalogue left on your doorstep.

The most common method of product distribution appears to be door to door catalogues, but the company does also use other mediums to boost customer figures. As well as their network of independent distributors they also use Farepak’s agents with IWOOT’s internet retailing platform and the eeZee TV live television shopping channel.

They operate in the UK, Ireland, Holland and Germany, and the Kleeneze company is worth around 250 million pounds. They are also a founding member of the Direct Selling Association and endorsed by the Office of Fair Trading!

“You can be sure that you are working with a company with a solid financial backing”

The Kleeneze Products

There is a large range of products available from their catalogue which falls into three categories, products for the home and garden, health & beauty and gifts for ‘him and her’. There really is a wealth of products to choose from, and you will also find novel items that you won’t find easily, if at all, in the local high street stores.

You will most likely purchase products through your local distributor who will have probably left a catalogue at your home and made themselves known.


The products are also reasonably priced, delivered free of charge and there’s also a money back guarantee. You really do have everything you need to keep your potential customers happy.

The Kleeneze Business Opportunity

There are two ways to earn an income with this company, the first being by selling products. In theory this is ‘easy money’, you simply distribute catalogues to houses in your area, wait a few days and then go and collect them, with hopefully a completed order form.

The catalogue is designed to sell products for you, but you will really need to test this method for yourself. The beauty of this opportunity is that you can work it part time, allowing you to continue your existing business or employment.

The second way to earn is by building a team of distributors under you. This is the most powerful income generator by far, do it right and you can build a residual income that could replace a full time income (it will take a LOT of work though). You will be paid on the sales of team members, so you need to be able to effectively sponsor and train your people.

You will start as a basic distributor and once you have achieved a 4 weekly sales volume of around 764 pounds you will be promoted to the first rung of the ladder….’Silver Distributor’. From there you can work your way up to top rank of Grand Master Distributor, you will need some kick butt sales volume and team members to get there though!

There is no way with Kleeneze to ‘buy’ your way to a higher level in the compensation plan. On top of your override and royalty payments they operate a car bonus scheme for the top producers.

Overall this is a great business opportunity, as most of the Kleeneze reviews online will confirm. As with any network marketing opportunity the real earning power is in building a team and residual income, let’s face it, who REALLY wants to be going round delivering and picking up catalogues every week!

One of the biggest problems faced by people in this industry is a lack of leads and cash flow. Your Kleeneze upline in all likelihood will tell you to make a list of your friends, family and acquaintances; then call them up and try and get them to join your new business.

You should do this, but what happens to most people is that they recruit very few (if any) from this list and are then stumped. It’s vital to your success that you come up with a way to generate new leads every day for your business.

By using some simple online strategies you can be producing in excess of 10-30+ targeted leads every day for your business. By using a PROVEN system you can also follow up with them and build trust & rapport. Your leads will actually WANT to work with you and buy products from you. To find out how to can get started today and explode your business, enter your Name & Email address for instant access to my free video training….


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