A Lead Is Not Just A Number!

a-lead-is-not-just-a-numberA thought for you today that a lead is not just a number, and the reason I say that is when I first got started marketing my business online it was very easy to get wrapped up in the statistics of my business.

How many leads each day, how many for the month, how many converted into sales, how many leads from a certain ad etc… and all that stuff is important and you should track everything and know what your stats are.

What really helped me though to start making money was when I decided to look at leads as not just a number. Look at your leads as real people…as that’s what they are…an obvious thing to say but often not focused on!


Every time sometime visits your website it’s a real person with real hopes and dreams and the reason they will come to you and become a lead is because they see you as potentially a problem solver, someone that can help them get results.

I believe that we get paid in this world for solving problems and the more problems that you can solve for more people the more you will get paid. The bigger the problem you can solve in the market place the more you will earn!

So don’t just look at your leads as just a number or a statistic, think of each and every one as a REAL PERSON.

Every time you make a video, send an email, make a blog post, call a lead etc… think about what they’re looking for and how can you help solve their problem. Put yourself directly in their shoes…where are they in their business and how can YOU help them.

Do this always and you WILL earn more money in your business because you’ll be solving problems for your prospects which leads to trust, rapport, sales and long term business relationships, which is what you want isn’t it?

If you want to create a reliable income online from the comfort of your home then there are some things you need to know first...


The first is... are you making the big, Hugh, massive mistake that most people are making when trying to make it work with affiliate online marketing?


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The problem is that when you promote someone else's product they don't always teach you to line YOUR pockets but rather their own..


This is a big problem in the affiliate marketing/home business industry... a lack of reliable information that actually teaches you how to build YOUR business and income..


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