Life’s Abundance – Keep Your Pet’s Happy Whilst Keeping Your Bank Account Happy As Well!

Lifes Abundance is a network marketing company that focuses largely on the health of your pets!

Although Life’s Abundance does also do a couple of products for humans, their efforts are mostly on providing supplements and food for your cat or dog. The company behind this opportunity, Trilogy International Inc has been around since 1999. This particular ‘pets’ division of their business used to be called ‘HealthyPetNet’ but they rebranded to Life’s Abundance in October 2010.


So at first glance, would you think there was any money to be made in the pet food & supplement industry? Well its growing fast and expected to reach a massive 52 billion dollar industry over the next few years. In fact its 2nd in overall growth to the consumer electrical industry, its estimated that around 60% of Americans have at least 1 pet PLUS have already reserved part of their budget for foods, supplements, care products etc….

It’s always worth checking out any company’s leadership before you join up, this company is owned by George and Cris Jochum. George was an executive with Western Union for 32 years and their leadership team as a whole have a wealth of experience in this industry. The company is also Accredited by the Better Business Bureau and gets an A+ rating. There are 5 complaints registered, but all have been resolved.

As we mentioned earlier, Lifes Abundance focuses mainly on pet food, supplements and care products, there are however two products designed for humans. There is their Sealogix fish oil supplements, plus the Clay Essentials face & body masques. They also have 2 eco friendly products, a BioDeodorizer spray and a Floor Wash Concentrate. The products seem to be reasonably priced taking into account this is MLM! They are of course cheaper if bought in bulk and on autoship.

How will you earn money with Life’s Abundance?

The company uses a unilevel compensation plan which will enable you to earn from a total of 7 different income streams. You can earn 5-25% from front end retail sales, plus you are able to build a residual income from recruiting others into your downline. This also uses dynamic compression so that you don’t loose out because of non performers (of which you will probably experience many!).

The further up the ranks you go the more bonuses you will be eligible for, also once you achieve a certain rank, you will remain there permanently in title. You will however be paid according to your qualification level for that month. The real fun starts at 5 star level or above, you can download the full comp plan here.

The company will also take care of product shipping and customer transactions, so you don’t need to stock up on pet foods. They also offer pet insurance, so you really can offer the full package to your customers.

“From this Lifes Abundance review we can conclude that this is a legitimate opportunity and there is a wealth of opportunity available for those skilled in both promoting products, and also building a network marketing team.”

As with any Network marketing business though you will need to be able to generate a large number of leads on a DAILY basis in order to play the numbers game and grow your team fast enough. You will also need a training platform that your team members can plug into, so that success can be duplicated.

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