LifeVantage – To Join Or Not To Join?

If you are considering LifeVantage as your business opportunity then check out this review for some important information, plus discover how you can boost your chances of success significantly!

This is an interesting company, with interesting products. Founded in 2003 the company has grown considerably and is a member of the Direct Selling Association, only companies that are doing something right get in through the DSA’s doors. They are also traded on the New York Stock exchange. These points alone give the company instant credibility.

They also have a great leadership team, which is important for any company if they are going to be around for the long haul. David Brown heads up as CEO, he has 20 years of career experience as a lawyer and a president & CEO in the nutrition industry.

All the executive team members are extremely well experienced in their fields and many top leaders in the network marketing company Zrii have jumped ship to join LifeVantage, top players will only do this if there’s a very good reason. The reason in this case is probably the product.

The LifeVantage Products

There are only two products being marketed right now, but both are very interesting. The most talked about is Protandim, which is a pill designed to reduce oxidative stress in the body, which will slow the aging process. In fact clinical trials have proved this to be the only product that can reduce oxidative stress by 40% which slows the cell ageing process to that of a 20 year old. Over 40 years of research and development have gone into it. Pretty cool!


Protandim triggers the creation of enzymes that can each eliminate over a million free radical molecules per second without being used up. This product has become very popular and has been featured on ABC, NBC, PBS and in the Wall Street Journal. With such great benefits and public exposure, I doubt you would have much trouble shifting a substantial amount of Protandim. After all everyone wants to look younger!

Their other hot selling product is TrueScience Aging Cream. It uses the same ingredients as Protandim and operates on the same principles but works from the outside in. It helps reduce and diminish the signs of aging leaving you looking great.

“Try the products for yourself and if they work then you will be a living advert for the product 24/7, what better way is there to sell a product?”

The LifeVantage Opportunity

There are several levels to join up, with a cost of anything from $50 up $600, obviously to get the most out of your business you should enter at the highest level you can. You will earn your money from selling products and making a retail profit and also by building a team of distributors under you.

If you want true residual income that comes in no matter what, then your efforts should be focused on team building. You must become skilled at prospecting, training and motivating your team.

Depending on your qualification level you can benefit from the compensation plan with fast start bonuses, royalty commissions, generational matching bonuses and the 4% Elite pool. The top level you can reach is ‘Master Pro 10’. To make any money in network marketing you will have to work hard, it’s not a get rich quick rich industry, although compared to working a JOB I guess it is, lol. You can download the full compensation plan here.

You have probably read many other LifeVantage reviews online and by now you realise that this IS a great company, with strong leadership and a fantastic product. However these things alone won’t make you successful, your own actions and skills will determine if you are successful or not.

You will also need a constant supply of new leads so you can regularly be making opportunity presentations to new people. If you are just prospecting friends, family and your ‘warm’ market then you may have a tough time. Unless there are any network marketing superstars in your warm market then you are going to need to expand your circle of contacts.

However by using some simple online methods and Attraction Marketing, you can generate 20+ leads each and every day for your business. You can also use a system to market to them and earn hundreds of dollars in commissions each month, even if no one joins your LifeVantage business.

You leads will learn to trust you and WANT to work with you directly. To discover how you can use this system for your business, enter your Name & Email below for instant access to my free training video….


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