LifeWave, Can A Magical Patch Lead To MLM Success?

LifeWave have developed a very interesting product, one that’s caught a lot of attention.

It’s quite unique in the Network Marketing industry, and quite refreshingly so. They have developed a range of patches that stick onto your skin at key acupuncture locations. Acupuncture is used by over a billion people worldwide as their ONLY form of health care and there is plenty of evidence that it works. So the LifeWave product is built on solid foundations.

They currently offer five different patches:
1) The Energy Enhancer – its drug and stimulant free and designed to give you a boost of sustained energy, by stimulating acupuncture points and is said to improve the flow of energy within minutes of application.

2) Icewave – Using the same stimulation methods, this patch is for relieving pain in the body in localised areas, or within the whole body.

3) Silent Nights – The LifeWave natural alternative to sleeping pills.

4) Y-Age Aeon – Used to reduce inflammation and stress levels.

5) The SP6 Complete – This is specifically for helping people who are dieting, it’s said to reduce the pangs of hunger and help you control your appetite.

At first glance you might think that these products wouldn’t offer any real results, but there are a wealth of testimonials from professional athletes who all claim they have received incredible benefits from using the LifeWave patches. Either way you are bound to captivate the interest of many people with LifeWave!

The company was founded 7 years ago and has expanded considerably. They are originally based from La Jolla, California, but also now operate in Europe & Asia. David Schmidt invented the company and he himself has more than 20 years experience in product development, biology and management.

He has developed new methods for the production of hydrogen & oxygen and designed rocket engines during his time with the Advanced Applications Group (an energy research company). Along with the other 6 key members, this company has a rock solid leadership team.


How will you earn money with LifeWave?

You can earn retail profit by purcashing products from the company directly at wholesale prices, and then selling them on yourself at a price that you choose. The actual compensation plan is based on a Binary model, make sure you fully understand how these work as sometimes they can be a little difficult to understand.

Basically you are building two teams, a left and a right, everyone will only have 2 people directly under them. There is a spillover element to this pay plan whereby you can earn commissions from reps that you did not personally sponsor. However you still need to qualify yourself, so no free lunch!

There’s the fast start bonus for signing people up and them buying product, matching bonus and binary commissions are paid down 3 levels deep. LifeWave cap all commissions at 60%, but they don’t cap the fast start bonuses.

For someone who can build a team of distributors and create duplication, they could do very well out of this business. Don’t forget to check out the full comp plan here.

“A quick check with the Better Business Bureau reveals that there are no complaints registered against the company in the last three years.”

Overall this is a very interesting opportunity with a rather unique product. The company has continued to go from strength to strength and clinical trials have shown hard evidence that the ‘patches’ are effective. If you are thinking of getting involved then just make sure you know how to generate plenty of leads and grow your warm market and team on an ongoing basis!

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