Livesmart 360 – Spray Your Way To The Promised Land!

While there are many new health & wellness MLM companies cropping up all over the place, it’s nice to see one that is a little different to the pack.

Livesmart 360 is a relatively new company which soft launched in May of this year and are set to officially launch in January 2011. They have actually done pretty well already! Almost 150,000 new distributors have enrolled and the company has set up distribution centres in Jamaica, Malaysia and Singapore, with plans to open up in the Philippines and Australia shortly. This isn’t bad for such a new company!


What products do Livesmart 360 market?

Their NutraSmart range is regular tablet supplements covering a wide range of health care requirements. There is the LiveFit 360 range which is weight control and dieting supplements. Obviously these sorts of products are pretty standard in the industry, but how about an oral spray mist that can actually deliver nutrients to the body at cell level, PLUS increase the cell’s abilities to process and mobilize nutrients in the body? Sounds pretty cool to me.

The 360-Mists are what make this company a little more unique…there are 6 in total…

1) 360 Mist with ZorbMax – increases our cells ability to absorb and utilise nutrients + promotes health cell performance
2) 360 Mist Ignite – enhance sexual desire and performance (sweet!)
3) 360 Relieve – helps reduce inflammation throughout the body
4) 360 Mist Zip – a natural energy and alertness booster, contains B vitamins, caffeine and Yerba
5) 360 Mist PM – a natural sleep aid
6) 360 Mist Slim – this helps to reduce hunger pangs to help with your weight loss efforts



“These are some pretty cool products and I have no doubt that they will create a bit of a ‘fad’ in the market.”

Live smart 360 is based in Sarasota, Florida and is headed up by quite an impressive management team. Combined they have over 100 years of experience in the Network Marketing industry, have made over $1 billion in sales and recruited over 500,000 distributors. It’s safe to say they know what they are doing! You can get the full lowdown on the management team at the Livesmart 360 corporate website (click here to check it out).

The Livesmart 360 Compensation Plan

This is what they call a ‘dual team hybrid’ and there are a total of 24 ranks of achievement, each with their own bonuses. If you like flash cars then you will love Live Smart 360 as once you hit Silver rank, you will qualify for the BMW Bonus. They will pay you a monthly allowance to lease a BMW, the higher you progress the more they pay, and once the car it fully paid for, it’s yours to keep! For those who reach the top leadership levels then you will be rewarded with the Exotic car bonus, then you’re looking at an Aston Martin, Maserati, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley etc…

There is also the Life changing bonus which is quite unique. When you hit a certain level of achievement in the company, they will send you an additional bonus cheque of $100 – $5,000 per month. But they will also send you a video camera so you can go and donate that money to someone who needs it, and capture the moment on camera. This is a nice little perk which obviously builds you own brand as someone who cares and also creates a nice image for Livesmart 360.

For the top leaders in the company, you will also qualify for the Smart Equity Program. They have set aside 5% of their equity to share with qualifying members. This can be VERY powerful.

Another interesting point to note is that once you earn $12 you will be sent a ‘Livesmart 360 Pre-Pay debit card’ This will be your payment method, you can then withdraw cash or use it to make purchases in store or online. No waiting around for cheques to arrive in the post.

There is no doubt that this is a very attractive compensation plan. You can download the full PDF version here.

Is Live smart 360 a scam?

Well do I really need to answer this question? There are legitimate products being sold here with a transparent compensation plan. The only reason anyone would think this company is a scam is if they just hate network marketing in general.

The company will provide you with a website and back office to market and track your business. From what I can make out there isn’t a great deal of training offered about how to REALLY succeed with this business.

It’s all well and good prospecting your family and friends and drawing up a warm list of 100 people, but the reality is that most, if not all of these people won’t join your business. So you need to get outside of your local region and find a way to reach millions of people.

The most effective was to do this on the planet today is the internet. There are hundreds of distributors successfully building their business online. The problem is that most people don’t know how to do it properly, which leads to a high attrition rate. You don’t want this to happen in your business OR your teams businesses.

Would your Livesmart 360 business grow if you were able to generate over 30 leads a day for free, plus earn an affiliate income from 18 different income streams? Now imagine if you could put the whole process of prospecting and enrolling on autopilot, using a system……It’s a reality that you can soon be experiencing in your business.

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