Mannatech – Is This Company Worth Joining? An Independent Review

Thinking of joining the network marketing company Mannatech? Well if you are, check out this review for more information, plus learn how you can increase your chances of success!

Mannatech is a health & wellness company and was founded in 1994 by Sam Castor who is currently banned from serving as an officer, director, or employee of the company. He was also fined a $1 million civil penalty, along with a $4 million restitution payment to Texas customers imposed on the company.

The reason for government action in February 2009 against the company was due to misleading claims and advertising. If you become a distributor you’ll need to be careful not to make claims that the products can cure or treat illnesses.

There are many health & wellness companies out there and some say that the market is over saturated. However with a good product and some marketing skills you can rise above most of the competition out there. Mannatech are based in Coppell, Texas and publically traded. Apart from their troubles last year the company has continued to grow and still remains popular and successful today.


Mannatech has a great executive leadership team headed up by co-ceo’s Stephen Fenstermacher & Robert Sinnott, both have extensive and impressive experience in the business world. Combined with the experience of the other 5 executive team members, the company is well set for future growth.

The Mannatech Products

Mannatech have a range of nutritional, weight loss/control and skin care products. They have created a new class of nutrients called glconutrients by mining aloe vera for its unique sugar (mannose) which has immune boosting properties. They claim to have one of the most advanced in house research and development laboratories in the industry, and their science team has filed more than 45 patents worldwide for the technology behind their products. They have a strong reputation in the industry and even help train PhD students in the Texas University!

Probably their most talked about product is Ambrotose which they introduced 15 years ago. It’s been proven in 3rd party clinical trials to support cell communication & development, improve immune system function, improve digestion, enhance brain function & memory, plus give a general improved feeling of well being. A great range of benefits that your prospective customer will love!

“Their products come with a six month satisfaction guarantee and are used by over half a million people across 16 different countries worldwide.”

If you are thinking about becoming a Mannatech distributor then spend some time looking over the products so you can be sure you want to promote them.

The Mannatech Business Opportunity

They operate a lucrative compensation plan which they’ve called the ‘Yes Plan’. It’s designed to get you earning in your business as quickly as possible. To join up will cost you $499 for an ‘All Star Pack’ which gets you over $565 worth of products and allows you to start earning.

You will be able to make upfront income from selling products and sponsoring people into the business. Your residual income will come from building a team of successful distributors under you. When they make money, you can make money as well. This is by far the most powerful aspect of Network Marketing. In addition you can earn from the company’s other bonuses, which to name a few are the personal power bonus, fast start bonus, team bonus and generational bonuses.

For those that become skilled at prospecting, recruiting, training and leading a team, a good income can be achieved. Based on the companies published figures, a top rank Presidential Director can expect to earn anywhere from $24,954 to $1,633,934 average income per year.

“You will need to work HARD & be PERSISTENT in order to be successful in this industry and achieve those sort of income figures.”

You will also need a regular supply of leads for your business. One of the biggest hardships faced by network marketers is a lack of leads and cash flow. Just relying on your warm market of 100 people or so, isn’t going to cut it (unless you know an MLM superstar!). Therefore you are going to have to find an alternative way to generate and follow-up with prospects. By using some straightforward online marketing methods you can actually achieve this in your business quite easily.

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