Marvalous – Join The MLM Tribe & Help The Distribution Of The Holy Sage

Marvalous are an interesting Network Marketing company founded in Israel in 2008.

From my research they seem to be relatively unheard of, they are however experiencing growth in their distributor network and have a couple of unique points. The first probably being their compensation plan. Marvalous is the world’s first ever network marketing company to embrace the term ‘Tribal Marketing’

By becoming a distributor you are becoming a member of their ‘Tribe’

This is a 1 leg straight down organization, also known as a 1×10 Expanding Matrix. The idea is that the company builds one leg straight down and in theory everyone who joins is going to be earning quickly, and even if they are a weak marketer they will still be able to earn an income. This obviously is fantastic for the people who got in early in the leg. In practise though you still have your personal obligations to recruit and qualification levels to hit. It’s still not quite as easy as just signing up and the cheques come rolling in!

Right now they are offering 5 different products; most of the reviews you read online will be focusing on the Omega 3 capsule. We all know the benefits that Omega 3 has for us and mostly such products are derived from fish oil. However Marvalous Omega 3 comes from natural cold pressed oil from Sage. Sage has some of its attributes rooted in religion and it’s very important in the Jewish tradition. It’s also believed to have natural healing properties and is regarded as superior to fish oil Omega 3 by many. You would really need to try the product over a period of time to establish for yourself if this is true or not.

They other products that they produce are, Attract (a weight loss juice), 24/7 (multi vitamin juice), Fibre Must (fibre supplementation), Winner (an energy juice) and last but not least, Calcium (calcium supplementation drink). So you have a fair range of products to work with offering several important benefits to the human body.

Interestingly all their products are sold in 3’s with each individual box containing a month’s supply of product.

Joining The Marvalous Tribe

You can sign up as a distributor/tribe member at three different levels. You can be a retailer for $200, Executive distributor for $900 or a VIP distributor for $1,600. According to the company’s corporate website they state they offer a very comprehensive training program and have a team of dedicated instructors. You will also get a back office, website and 150 business cards to get you started, plus of course a training manual.

This certainly looks like an interesting opportunity and it remains to be seen just how this (if it does) really take off. Personally I think there are better opportunities available, but if you are going to join the tribe then you are probably going to have to invest a little more time and effort into your education.

Network Marketing really is a numbers game, and with an opportunity like this you may go through more numbers than other opportunities. Prospecting your warm market is all well and good, but it’s likely you will run out of prospects quite quickly; depending on your personal situation of course.

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