Mary Kay – More Power For Women In The Network Marketing Industry

If you’re a woman looking for a great network marketing company to join then Mary Kay may be the right choice for you.

They are one of the biggest MLM companies around and the Mary Kay brand is now a well known worldwide brand in the cosmetics industry. The company was founded by Mary Kay Ash to allow women to achieve unlimited success. She herself is recognised as one of the greatest female American entrepreneurs, and after 25 years working in the direct sales industry she quit after being denied promotion in favour of a man. Her vision was to create a company that would allow herself and all women to achieve all the success they ever wanted.

“Mary Kay was born and is now one of the largest direct sellers of skin care products globally!”

They started trading in 1963 and are based in Dallas, Texas. They opened their first international venture in Australia in 1971 and since have expanded into 35 countries. In 2009 their wholesale sales across the globe exceeded $2.5 BILLION, this is an incredible achievement for a Network Marketing company. Right now they have a global independent sales force of over 2 million distributors, with around 500 that have attained the top rank of National Sales Director.

“By signing up with Mary Kay you are joining an incredible army of visionaries”

It’s amazing to think that Mary Kay Ash only had $5,000 when she started the company, it’s a prime example of what you can achieve if you really put your heart into it and decide that no matter what, you will be successful. It’s this kind of attitude that will lead you to the life of freedom and prosperity that you desire.


The Mary Kay product range is vast, there’s a complete skin care and cosmetic range, mostly geared towards women, they do however have a Men’s skin care and fragrance range as well! If you are thinking about enrolling with this opportunity then take a moment to check out their vast product range for yourself at the company’s corporate website With such a great range you can appeal to your prospective customers with ease.

Millions of dollars are spent each and every year in testing and trialling their products to make sure that they are the best they can be, manufacturing takes place at their own plants in Dallas & China.

There’s also a very cool feature on their website called a ‘virtual makeover’, you can try out all sorts of different colours and shades using one of their models or your own picture. See what will look best on you before you buy!

Making money with Mary Kay

There’s a lucrative compensation available and getting involved will only cost you a little more than $100, this will get you in as an Independent Beauty Consultant. From there you can progress to Sales Director and then National Sales Director. You earn a flat rate of 50% on all product sales, plus you are able to earn a residual income from building a team of distributors under you. There are also other bonuses to incentivize you such as holidays, luxury cars, technology gifts and even diamond rings! Figures show that the company puts in around $50 million a year for its incentives pool, very generous indeed.

If you search for other Mary Kay reviews online then they will probably tell you that this is a great business to join, and it’s true. This is a rock solid opportunity that is only going to continue to expand and become more profitable. However just because you are partnered with a great company won’t guarantee your success. You need to be skilled at recruiting people into your team plus motivating and training them. You also need to be generating a decent amount of leads in the first place so that you have enough people to present the business opportunity to.

One of the biggest problems that leads to distributors failing is a lack of leads.

By following a simple marketing system you can actually solve this problem.

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