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The pioneering spirit of Michael Cheng, founder of Mega Holdings, a successful Malaysian entrepreneur and businessman extraordinary began in mid-1999 in Hong Kong where he launched an online e-commerce company selling websites and hosting services. This was initiated at a time when e-commerce was still in its infant stage of development.

Thus began the journey of adventures and discoveries in e-commerce that spanned over 122 countries worldwide and that touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals across many cultural and national lines in a borderless world. The catch slogan of ‘Mega Holdings changes the way people network.

You change the way they live!’ soon caught on with the direct marketing communities in Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, India and other countries in Asia. Our operations expanded from Asia to the Middle-East, the Gulf States, Iran (formerly Persia), Turkey, Germany and the rest of the 28 European Union countries and elsewhere worldwide.

Mega Holdings is a one-stop web hosting service co. providing online web building and designing services to create a website of your choice. Its product package includes registration of your website with a unique domain name, email facility and web hosting services. It is targeted primarily for the ordinary website users but is made available to all who have the interest to build and own a professionally-designed website.

We provide a state-of-the-art and user-friendly Easy Builder with a simple 3-step process of choosing your category and theme, inserting contents and publishing your website. Professionally-developed designs plus an easy drag and drop function enable even a novice to have a website of his own without the need for prior technical training or knowledge.

Nowadays, owning a website or owning a home in the cyber world has become second nature to most people especially the computer-savvy youngsters. MH’s web designing/building and hosting services attract people of all ages, in particular the younger generation. Everyone wants to have a ‘home’ or website in cyber space. The penetration of our products and services is very high, as hundreds of thousands of websites/domains are being registered every day. It is a product that takes you to the cyber world and the future

Apart from receiving the standard web Hosting Services, involvement in MH exposes the youths to personal development, salesmanship and leadership training and interactions with their seniors. Such exposure gives them the edge to be better individuals and will prepare them in good standing to face the increasingly challenging globalised world. MH is a very interactive company. We have a close working relationship with our Independent Business Partners/customers. We pay close attention to what they need.

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