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mlmhelpIf you have been involved with MLM for any length of time you will know that it’s sometimes difficult to get the help that you need to build your business. You may even be one of those unfortunate people that never hear from their upline again after they sign you up.

That really annoys me when I hear of folks signing up to an mlm and their upline then abandons them offering them no help, it gives the industry a bad name and leads to the new recruit failing in their business and possibly quitting and leaving the industry.

Anyway I wanted to talk today about mlm help as I believe that in traditional mlm it’s quite severely lacking, often the traditional training and help offered by uplines is pretty standard, such as drawing up a list of prospects, talking to friends and family, strangers, cold calling etc… You know the score with that I’m sure! You will get some success with this but it will be limited because you will quickly run out of people to talk to!

I get a lot of folks asking me if they could use the internet to build their business and the answer I give them is a big resounding YES. But remember that MLM is a people’s business. There is a lot of people who think that you can just set up a website and never have to talk to anyone and the money will roll in, well that will never happen I can assure you!

If you are someone that does not like talking to people then mlm is not for you. Period. You and those that you sponsor must be willing and able to engage with other human beings and formulate relationships on a business and a personal level and offer solutions and help. So how can we do this online?

Some MLM Help for your business

Some of the best advice I can offer is to think about the internet as just one big giant communication tool, one that spans the whole globe. You are using the internet to reach more people than you ever could offline. You do this using the written word, emails, audios and videos, using these methods you can talk to people and they can get to know the real you and begin to trust you.

This may or may not be news to you but people will join your mlm because of YOU, yes that’s right, they will want to work with you because they see you as someone that can offer value/experience.

Still to this day there is a certain level of automatic scepticism that surrounds a person’s mind when you mention ‘mlm’ or ‘internet business’ probably because of all the scams that have been and gone.

Your job is to help break down that scepticism and how do you do that? Just be YOU and build relationships!

There are all too many people out there who seem to think that because they have taken their business online they have an automatic ticket to wealth and that it’s just simply a case of spamming the social networks and search engines with a load of promotion hype or company replicated website. Well more fool them! Let them get on with it, with all that marketing ‘noise’ going on it’s easier for us to shine through in glory with our personable, honest approach.

So when offering people mlm help I always tell them to make sure that their follow up system is effective. Make sure that there is as much of your personal spin on your follow up process as possible, have plenty of videos and audios so that folks get plenty of opportunity to find out who they will be working with if they sign up. Let folks get to know you and they will begin to like and trust you, which means a profitable business arrangement for you and them!

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