MLM Lead Lists, Some Reasons Why Not To Waste Your Money & Generate Leads For Free Instead

mlmleadlistsLooking for MLM leads lists? If you are then you’re probably lacking in leads and hoping to find a way to fix the problem?

Well buying MLM lead lists may not be the best way forward. You are probably going to be spending a lot of your hard earned cash and end up being disappointed with the results! Every network marketer I’ve know that paid for such lists has ended up nearly broke and frustrated.

Most of the companies selling these lists are not really that bothered about your conversion rates, and their leads are probably not particularly targeted. They will most likely be either mlm genealogy leads (which has a whole host of issues) or they will have been harvested from generic questionnaires and capture pages, both on and offline.

Obviously you will end up calling these leads ‘cold’, they won’t have any idea who you are, which means more resistance and less signups or sales! It’s still possible to get results from cold calling, I know people that have successfully done it, but the conversion rates are never that great.

“Do you even want to be sitting on the phone all day calling unqualified prospects about your Network Marketing business? You might as well get a tele-canvassing job!”

So is there an alternative to MLM lead lists?

Yes there is and it’s pretty simple. Generate your own leads online.


If you’re a strictly offline marketer then this may surprise you, but there’s an almost unlimited supply of leads on the internet. There are millions of people searching everyday for business opportunities and ways that they can supplement their income. Not only that, there are an equal amount searching for solutions to their network marketing problems (lack of cash flow and leads).

“By implementing a few simple strategies you can claim your share to the tune of easily 20-60 highly targeted leads each and every day.”

There are various ways you can do this and it really depends if you have a marketing budget or not, if you have then you can be generating leads almost instantly by using advertising mediums such as Facebook & Google. If you don’t want to spend any money then you can use a content marketing strategy.

I personally use content marketing for my business, there was only a small initial outlay for software (that does most of the work for me) and a few weeks of consistent effort. The idea is to create USEFUL pieces of content such as articles and videos and syndicate them on a mass scale. Not only do you gain massive exposure but you will also drive traffic to your personal websites/capture pages, plus by the time the prospect gets to your site they are already slightly pre-sold on you.

It’s also a long term strategy, unlike paid marketing where the leads stop the moment you put your credit card away! I like to call it residual traffic, for work you do once, you will continue to receive traffic and leads over and over again.

Create one new piece of content a day for the next 90 days and submit it to some of the top article and Web 2.0 sites and watch your traffic grow. Creating videos is also a fantastic way to offer value to your potential prospects, training and how-to videos work well. Upload them to YouTube and some of the other major video sites.

Using this strategy there is no reason to ever be short on leads again!

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