MLM Online Will Solve All Your Problems (Or Will It?)

Virtual Meeting 02There are many people online that will tell you that building your MLM online will solve ALL of your problems.

Is this strictly true? I don’t believe it is, whilst it will solve most of the problems, you can’t escape that Network Marketing is all about personal relationships. It’s how we recommend the products and opportunity to one another. For someone to say that you only need the internet to build a successful business is probably wrong. I doubt you will get the most success you could if you hide behind your computer for the rest of your life.

There will come a time when you will have to connect with people.

The internet does however make a VERY good communication tool where one can communicate on mass. Email, videos, audios, webinars, conference calls, social networking sites are all great ways to contact your prospects and team members. Call me old fashioned, but nothing beats the good old telephone or a face to face meeting. If you have poor MLM sponsoring skills then internet or not, you will probably have a problem growing a large team, unless you are fortunate enough to recruit some heavy hitters.

But let’s look at the 2 BIG problems that building your MLM online can help us with immediately.

1) Lack of leads
2) Lack of cash flow


There are indeed millions of people searching online for business opportunities, especially in today’s economic climate. There are also millions of network marketers searching for solutions to their unproductive business. This is quite a large pool of people, that anyone following some basic principles can tap into.

Building Your MLM online

If you’re going to follow this route then you are going to need a scientific sales funnel, one that’s proven to work. There are many different systems around today, many are not designed for Network Marketers, but more for people who want to remain anonymous, affiliate marketers. If you can find a funnel that is designed by someone that who has experiential knowledge of how to sponsor in the MLM industry, then you are on to a winner.

Once you’ve found such a system you need to set it up and customize it in such a way that is brands YOU. From the very first time someone lands on your page they need to start becoming familiar with YOU, not the guy that designed the system and not a company. This is where a lot of people miss the boat online, they are missing out on the essential element of Network Marketing….personal relationships.

“It’s not good enough anymore to just throw up a company replicated website and ‘drive/spam’ traffic to it. It won’t convert very well, if at all.”

The next thing you should concentrate on is generating traffic to your funnel. I’d say that for 95% (maybe more) of people on the internet, traffic is their biggest stumbling block. You can’t just ‘magic’ up traffic online. There are really only two ways to go…you pay for it, or you work for it. When I started marketing online, I couldn’t afford to pay for traffic, so I worked for it (most of my traffic & leads come from this blog).

“It’s up to you where you get your traffic from, there are online & offline methods which are proven to work.”

Once you’ve mastered generating lots of traffic you should be getting some leads. Its then time to work on optimizing your sales funnels to increase and maximise your conversions. A lot of people seem to spend a lot of time on this stage BEFORE they are getting any significant levels of traffic. They want everything to be ‘perfect’ before they start getting leads.

I know this scenario all too well, I spent about 3 months ‘optimizing’ my sales funnels, getting ready for the traffic I was ‘going’ to generate LOL. Don’t fall into this trap my friend. Traffic FIRST, then you can optimize. Without traffic, nothing is going to happen anyway.

The final part of the process is to start earning money from people in your sales funnel. This can be affiliate commissions for products you recommend to them, the good thing here is that you can actually make money from people even if they don’t join your MLM. The ultimate aim though is to get as many of your leads to sign up into your MLM business as possible.

“This will still take relationship building and sponsoring skills plus personal contact.”

If you want to build your MLM online, then it can be done. But you still need to be willing to put in the human effort required of personally connecting with people. Unfortunate as it is, a 100% automated Network Marketing business doesn’t exist, certainly not in the early days.

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