MLM Recruiting – Do It Or Die

recruitingPeople often think that MLM recruiting is the hardest part of a Network Marketing business.

For this reason they procrastinate to avoid the pain of talking to prospects and possibly facing rejection. This is probably one of the craziest things that you can do and is totally self destructive. Isn’t the whole point of this business to build a residual income? One thing’s for sure, you won’t build a residual income single handed, you need a team. Period.

No one got rich in Network Marketing by just selling products, and even if you do manage to earn a decent income from it, you are in reality nothing more than a glorified sales person on a commission based salary. True MLM is a 2-4 year plan to build a WALK AWAY RESIDUAL INCOME.

There are only two things that you should be concentrating on in your business, simply because these are the only things that will enable you to get paid.

1) Finding people to talk to that might be interested

2) Presenting your opportunity to them and following up.

“If you spend 95% of your time focusing on these two activities, your business WILL grow.”

If you’re marketing your business using the internet then don’t get caught up trying to be an internet ‘guru’, otherwise chances are you will spend the next 2 years learning all this stuff when you could have just picked up the telephone and talked to 1 or 2 people a day about your business. Sure use the internet for whatever you need it for, whether it be lead generation or communications, or both; just don’t get bogged down in too much online fantasy. Keep it real! This is a people’s business.

What are the MLM recruiting secrets?

How can you sponsor a large number of people into your business? It’s quite simple really, get a lot of people to watch a presentation of your opportunity.

How can you do this in practice?

Build a list of prospects, whether it be inside or outside your warm market, find a way to add to your list every day. One of the easiest and most efficient ways to do this is online. You generate targeted traffic to a marketing system and convert them to leads.

Get people through your presentation process every day. Again this can be done online; using a sales funnel system based on the principles of Attraction Marketing will achieve the best results.

Do your own presentations. This is one of the most effective ways to attract prospects to join your business, doing your own presentations positions YOU as the leader that people are looking for. There’s a saying that says ‘he who holds the marker, makes the most money’. It’s true, since I started doing my own presentations I’ve sponsored more people.

My team also uses my presentations in their business, this allows duplication. If you’re not ready to do your own presentations then use your uplines, or someone’s who is good at it.

Personally follow up with your leads on the telephone. You can’t rely on ‘automated sign ups’, whilst these can happen, it probably won’t happen very often. I am sick of hearing of all these so called ‘gurus’ talking about making thousands of dollars on autopilot and never lifting a finger, sorry but it’s a bunch of bull crap.

MLM recruiting requires you personally connecting and following up with your prospects, a signup will most likely happen AFTER they’ve seen the presentation and you call them to close the sale.

You also need DUPLICATION if your team is to grow.

People themselves cannot be duplicated, but the systems that they follow can be. In Network Marketing there are 3 things that you can duplicate throughout your team….systems, tools and events. Make sure you have these components in place and you will experience synergy and growth in your team.

Systems and tools are easy to duplicate, I use the marketing system My Lead System Pro in my business, which I also recommend that my team members use. This instantly gives them a marketing & training platform to use for themselves and their team, so that duplication can be achieved. If you’re doing your own presentations, then team members can send their prospects to your presentations, again allowing for fast duplication.

You must master MLM recruiting if you are going to build a successful business. It’s a learning curve and one that will pay you dividends once you get it right.

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