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As a Network Marketer there are only two things that we will get paid for…and ONLY two things. These are SELLING products and SPONSORING new people into our business.

Are you a world class MLM sponsoring expert? Are you afraid of ASKING for a sale, are you procrastinating in your business and causing your own failure?

MLM sponsoringContrary to what many people believe, it’s important to remember that it’s not all about your company and products.

When you sponsor new distributors you are offering them the chance to network with YOU.

85% of the population buys on emotional decisions and when it comes to business opportunities they will join someone they like and trust. It’s vital that you have positioned yourself in the market place appropriately i.e. as a leader. You need to feel good about yourself and share that joy and success feeling with your team.

This is a people’s business after all and your MLM recruiting success will depend on your people skills to a large degree.

Here are some tips from my personal experience that will help you in your MLM sponsoring efforts:


Don’t be a babysitter to your downline – This is VERY important. When I first got started in this industry I was keen (as we all are) for my team to do well, but that should not mean being at their every beck and call. I quickly found myself becoming tied up with technical and silly insignificant questions.

Whilst I wanted to help my team succeed I found that my time was being taken away from my number 1 producing activity and that is, MLM sponsoring. I soon learnt from leaders in the industry to do trainings and Q & A in a group setting, personally I prefer to do webinars. This is 1000% more time effective for me plus the feedback from team members tells me that it works better for them as they benefit from a greater exposure to training and knowledge from myself and other team members.

You must use this philosophy in your business. Do the bulk of your training and Q & A’s in a group setting and free up your time.

Outsource as much as possible – Sometimes it can be hard to let go and delegate. A problem that I still have myself, I like to do as much of my marketing & content creation myself, as I know that it will be of a high standard. But on the other hand I don’t want to be spending time doing the ‘dirty work’ which someone else could do.

After all, there are plenty of people from developing countries who are willing (and glad) to do a good job for $2-$5 per hour. So cut straight to the point and outsource as soon as you start making money, or if you have money to play with, outsource from day 1! This will free you up to concentrate on your all important MLM sponsoring efforts.

Keep your team pumped – People love to feel part of a movement, they love to feel special. It’s your job to pump up your teams egos, if you can’t do it then get them onto your uplines live events. When people feel they are a special part of a powerful vision, they will stick around! FACT.

You want to keep things simple as well, don’t make ANYTHING seem difficult. Someone living 2,000 miles away needs to be able to do what you are telling them to do just as easy as if they were in your front room. If you’re building a business online then that shouldn’t be too difficult, especially if you are using a marketing system.

Be willing to learn – Every great MLM leader has been coached and mentored by someone with more expertise than them. We are all continually learning and you can never have too much education in my opinion. So if you want to be the best in your game then learn from those who already have the success and expertise that you desire!

Make sure you watch this free 89 minute webinar that reveals hidden “million dollar questions,” to handling objections, eliminating rejection, building instant rapport, sponsoring leaders instead of whiners, attaining money acceptance, mirroring, matching, pacing, and leading, mass persuasion, and sponsoring leverage tricks, you will see how this industry powerhouse easily and effortlessly can recruit 10+ quality people every single month like clockwork into his organization, and how YOU can too!

Learn how to generate your OWN leads – The life blood of any Network Marketing business…LEADS. I know many people struggle with this aspect of their business; in fact I’ll go as far as to say it’s the number 1 reason for failure in this industry…a LACK of leads

You have probably been taught to make up a list of 100 people in your ‘warm’ market, or maybe to go out and ‘prospect’ to people that you have never even met before. Whilst it’s a viable marketing ploy, it’s not very well received in today’s society, plus it flat out SUCKS. So you need to attract leads to YOU instead. You should learn the principles of ‘Attraction Marketing’ and more importantly use a system that will generate leads for you on auto-pilot AND sponsor them into your business.

Does such a system exist I hear you ask?

Well yes it does, I’ve been using it over the last 10 months in my business, the result have been nothing short of astounding. Not only have I learnt how to generate over 30 leads every day for free, I also sponsor into my business on auto-pilot without even picking up the phone! I also earn a pretty tasty affiliate income from people who do not join my business.

Want to learn how you can do it too? Enter your Name & Email address below and watch my video presentation where I lay out myYOUR personal MLM sponsoring blueprint to success.


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