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closerAre there any advantages to building your mlm business online? Is it true when some ‘gurus’ say that offline & traditional MLM marketing is dead & buried? Personally I think not, but if you are not utilising the internet to build your business then as I have found from personal experience you are leaving a lot of money on the table unclaimed. In this post I cover briefly some thoughts on how you can effectively market your business online.

I know there are a lot of people out there searching for mlm success secrets so I wanted to offer some tips today about building an mlm organization online. It’s a little different than the traditional offline marketing methods; I personally believe that it has some distinct advantages over offline marketing but should by no means replace offline networking.

MLM is after all about building relationships with people and that cannot be done solely online. You still need to be willing to pick up the phone and meet people face to face where possible.

Building our business online offers us two distinct advantages, firstly that we are able to contact so many more people than most of us could offline. Let’s face it, most of us starting out in mlm do not have a vast network of offline business contacts or indeed any significant ‘lead list’ so we are unable to hit the road running.

Secondly the internet offers some VERY powerful leverage, we can automate a large percentage of our workload such as lead generation and following up with prospects by using email marketing. The internet really is a god send when it comes to prospecting, but once again it cannot totally replace the good old telephone, it just means we don’t have to make those ‘cold’ calls anymore 🙂

So if you’re building an mlm business online what are the MLM success secrets?

1) We need to have systems in place, by this I mean we need at least one website. It is virtually impossible to make money online if you don’t have your own website. You will need an ‘opt-in’ page where potential prospects can give you their contact details in exchange for something of value. You might consider offering an e-book or maybe a training course of some description to entice your visitor to opt in.

Just make sure that it’s something of value and not garbage. You will also need an autoresponder, this will send out emails for you on auto pilot. You write the messages once and tell the system when to send them out and you’re done!

2) You need to learn how to drive traffic to your website. Without consistent traffic any internet business is dead in the water. With regular visitors and a compelling offer you will for sure be getting leads all day long which is fantastic for your business and means you will soon be earning money from affiliate commissions and ultimately new recruits into your business.

3) You need to have in place an efficient sales funnel which will take your prospects through a scientific sales process, in this process they will continue to be offered value and training information for free. They will also at predefined times be offered products that have a low cost, when they buy of course you will then be making some nice commissions which you can use to fund your marketing expenses.

“During their transition through your sales funnel you will be building a relationship and trust with these people with your regular contact and by offering value.”

Of course the ultimate aim is then to gradually increase your prospects exposure to your primary mlm opportunity. Done correctly this is a very effective method of recruitment and one that will build a base of customers that you can sell to over and over again. Ever heard the saying ‘the money is in the list’? It’s true 😉

Done correctly marketing your mlm online is a lucrative business model in itself which will bring you great success, but does not replace personal human contact, it should in theory increase it! Because you will have so many more people to talk to.

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