Monavie Review, An Interesting Company That Can Make You Rich? Or Just A Load Of Hype?

Monavie is an interesting company, it experienced unprecedented growth in its early days and have some of the most impressive earning figures ever published in the Network Marketing Industry. More about that later though.

There are many Monavie reviews out there on the internet, most are from people already involved with the company who would dearly love you to sign up with them. I’m not involved with them in any way shape or form, so I’ll be talking from a neutral perspective.

The Monavie products

They market beverages based around the acai berry, although the products health benefits have not been scientifically confirmed or officially approved, the word is that it’s a very effective super juice that you and your customers will love. I’ve not personally tried any so I won’t talk about the product itself (if anyone wants to send me a sample, feel free 🙂 )


What is interesting is the number of successful network marketers that have ditched their previous companies in favour of MonaVie. I’ve heard of many people who have made some outstanding progress in a short space of time, there normally has to be something pretty special about the product for this to happen.

What is even more astonishing is the number of people who are making Hugh incomes. According to their published distributor earnings there are 27 people at Black Diamond rank and 7 at Royal Black Diamond Executive, all earning in excess of $1.4 million a year. This really is remarkable as you will normally find in any network marketing company that there are just 2,3,4,5 maybe 6 people who earn six figures a month.

It’s also true to say though that the majority of distributors are earning less than $35 per week. You can see the figures for yourself by downloading the compensation plan here.

The reason for so many people falling into the bottom end of the earnings ladder isn’t a reflection on the company or products in my opinion; it’s simply that there is a severe lack of training in the network marketing industry as a whole. Sure there is ‘training’ but I’m talking about real training that teaches you how to do mlm the right way and have prospects hunting you down, rather than wasting time chasing around your so called ‘warm market’. Having spoken to a few Monavie distributors the training from the company itself doesn’t delve much beyond a warm market.

I’ll be giving you some tips at the end of this review about how exactly you can get your business to take off.

Monavie started life in January 2005, but was noted for its explosive growth which has intrigued many, including me! After some research I discovered this was mostly due to one of Amway’s successful distributors, Brig Hart moving his entire team to Monavie. His team is Hugh, we are talking thousands of people. This resulted in Monavie quickly becoming one of the largest MLM companies around within their first year.

There has been much animosity between Amway and Monavie about this issue, as you would expect. But at the end of the day, if there is a better company, with a better compensation plan and products, then distributors are free to leave as they wish. I’ve got nothing against Amway myself, but I probably would have done the same as Brig.

As far as Monavies compensation plan goes it’s one of the highest paying in the industry, they put 50% back into the distributor network. I know I’ve said it before, but please, if you are new to the binary MLM model then do your research thoroughly. You must make sure that you have both of your organisation legs balanced, otherwise all your hard earned cash is just going to go up the chain. Other Monavie reviews I’ve read seem to ignore this fact.

When it comes to making money with Monavie there are some vital things that you need to learn, you must learn that you need to BRAND YOURSELF and NOT your opportunity, no one may have told you this before, but it’s the way that the top earners get to the top. They also use systems that their team can duplicate.

It’s all based on the principles of attraction marketing. There’s also no point on relying on your warm list of prospects, if you’re like most people then that will quickly become a desert land, so you need a way to generate an endless flow of leads.

Can you imagine the power it will give you if you are generating 30+ leads every day and recruiting 5-10 new distributors a week? Will that affect how you come across to your prospects? You bet it will!

Rather than explaining everything here in an article, I’ve put together a video bootcamp for you which will teach you how to solve the two main problems in Network marketing….lack of leads & a lack of money, plus I will be showing you a system that you can use to market yourself and your Monavie business on auto pilot, whilst generating a whole bunch of affiliate commissions in the process.

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