MPB Today – Have You Seen This Grocery Matrix Scheme? Want More Information About It?

MPB Today (My Premium Business) allows you to buy and sell groceries through a 2 x 2 matrix business model, read this review for more information!

What will the MLM industry come up with next!

It’s always good when a direct sales company gets involved with a product that people really need or want. Everyone in the western world buys groceries! Our lives depend on food, so why not make some money from it?

MPB Today is actually part of the company Southeastern Delivery, a grocery home delivery service based in Pensacola, Florida. They want to be the largest delivery network nationwide and there are predictions that the home grocery delivery business will grow to over an $85 billion industry over the next 10 years.


Some might scoff at this opportunity, but there is a very intelligent leadership behind this company. The team is headed up by Gary Calhoun, who has over 25 years in the direct sales industry. Then you have field leaders like Sue Pearson who is a top performer in the direct sales industry. I myself first laughed when someone spammed me on YouTube about this opportunity, but since taking a deeper look at it, I can see the sense in it. Time will tell if it’s actually a business model that is sustainable.

Obviously the MPB Today business sells groceries that are delivered to your door. Everybody buys groceries and the convenience of having them delivered to your door really is very appealing. You will earn money from introducing others to participate in the scheme. You will also earn from retail sales.

The MPB Today Compensation Plan

This is a 2 x 2 matrix scheme. I’ve never been a big fan of matrix schemes, and still aren’t. You can enter the scheme by purchasing a $200 voucher, which can be exchanged for groceries; you then qualify for commissions and enter the matrix. You can join for free if you like, but you will only have limited back office access and NOT be able to recruit any affiliates until you buy your voucher. You can however refer retail sales and if you hit $200 worth then you get full access to the comp plan.

The idea is then to get 2 people who get 2 people, who get 2 people etc… Once you hit $1,200 team volume with 2 personal sales being made by you, a ‘cycle’ has taken place and you will be awarded $300. $200 in a grocery voucher and $100 cash cheque. You then re-enter the matrix in the first available position under your sponsor and can cycle again and again. Affiliates that you sponsor can do the same, for those that qualify, they can exchange their grocery voucher for a Wallmart voucher. Depending on where you are and what you order, delivery charges can be between 25%-50% of the order value, according to the company websites FAQ’s!

For those that take the MPB Today opportunity seriously, there are higher ranks to qualify for, where you will receive the company’s ‘Infinity & Matching Coding Bonus’ which can be quite lucrative.

“All of your sales will be made through your company replicated website, which will cost you just $10 a year for full access.”

As I said before I’m not a big fan of matrix schemes that give out so called ‘vouchers’, as often they don’t have the equivalent cash value, in fact significantly lower. Anyone thinking of joining this scheme should take some extra time to fully investigate the compensation plan and if possible, have it fully explained to you by an established affiliate. You should also consider the long term sustainability of this matrix scheme. There have been numerous matrix schemes that have become stagnant after quite a short period of time.

With that been said, there is definitely some money to be made with this company and if you live within their delivery area and can keep the delivery costs to a minimum. Plus you can potentially eliminate your own grocery bill, which would be very cool.

If you are going to be successful with MPB Today then you really do need to be generating a constant daily flow of leads. You also need a sales funnel system that is scientifically proven to work. Did you know that the top earners in this industry are NOT promoting their business on the front end? They attract prospects to them in a scientific way BEFORE selling them on their business.

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