Network Marketing Online Can You Really Do It And Succeed?

One of the questions often asked by prospects is ‘can we do network marketing online?’

The answer I would give is ‘Yes, but not exclusively‘. Network marketing has always been about personal relationships and person to person referrals, you can’t achieve this solely online stuck behind a computer screen. I believe that there still has to be an element of personal contact, which in most cases means using the telephone.

When I first got started Network Marketing online I honestly thought that I could do pretty much everything online. At that time I still was apprehensive to pick up the phone and call my prospects (even though my previous JOB as a mortgage broker meant talking to people on the telephone many times each day!). I soon realized that whilst I could do a LOT online, my business would never reach its full potential without me picking up the phone and calling my prospects.

The internet can do a lot for us as network marketers, it’s a fantastic communication tool for a start. With the leverage of emails, videos and mass conference calls, rapport building with prospects is easy. There is nothing better when you call a prospect and they feel like they already know you, you are off to a flying start and your job then is really only to qualify them and sign them up. If you study and use the principles of Attraction Marketing, then you will fully understand the leverage the internet offers.

By network marketing online you can also earn a ton of money. If you spend a bit of time educating yourself on how online marketing works, you can expand your earning potential massively. There are also marketing systems available that are all setup for you, you literally plug into the system, drive traffic to it and the magic begins. The system I personally use is My Lead System Pro.

How does Network Marketing Online work in practice?

The formula is pretty simple


1) You set up a marketing system, sometimes called a sales funnel or funded proposal. It should be built around the principles of attraction marketing.

2) You drive traffic to that marketing system and some of that traffic will become leads. You usually have a ‘capture page’ where visitors can enter their name & email address in exchange for something you are offering which is of value to them (i.e. an ebook, video training course)

3) They go into your sales funnel and receive information from you on a regular basis that is useful to them. They start to see you as a bit of an expert in your field, plus they start to like & trust you. This is important as these people are becoming your ‘warm’ market and are much more likely to buy from you and want to work with you personally.

4) You promote products occasionally that are useful and of good value to your prospects. Some people will start to buy from you (often on complete auto pilot).

5) You can expose your prospects to your primary business opportunity. Invite them to a presentation and then follow up with them personally (usually on the phone).

It’s quite possible that during this 5 step process your prospects may actually have already called or emailed you because they want more information about your primary business. This happens to me quite often, in fact I’ve had people call me and ask me about my primary IMMEDIATELY after they join my e-mailing list!

Network marketing online can really work well, and you can build a massive following online (to the point of almost being a celebrity….look at Jonathan Budd for example!). Just don’t get too hung up on trying to be an internet guru (you don’t need to be one) and remember the basics of network marketing…..personal contact reigns supreme!

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