Network Marketing Today? Does That Old Stuff Still Work?

Is Network Marketing today really any different than it was 10 years ago? Many people talk of the ‘old school’ and ‘out dated’ methods of prospecting.

Network Marketing is a relationship building business, the pre-requisites for success 10 years ago still apply the same today.

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The fact is that 10 years ago ‘old school’ methods were the only ways available to prospect; we didn’t have the internet at our disposal. By ‘old school’ I’m talking about the traditional methods taught by MLM companies…prospecting friends & family, warm list, 3 foot rule, home meetings, walking around shopping malls etc…

These days such methods are often scorned upon (even by me!), not because they don’t work, but because they are ineffective in comparison to what we can achieve for our business using the internet. If you’ve arrived at my blog then I’d bet my bottom dollar that you already have some inkling of what the internet can do for your business!

But look, MLM companies these days are not really teaching the online thing; sure they give you a company replicated website and back office but the trouble with these is they are the same as everyone else’s, what makes YOUR site different? Why should someone choose to join you rather than the next listing? These are important questions which need to be answered.

Here is a very brief rundown of why I think traditional MLM business building tactics are not effective for 95% of the people who use them:

Prospecting friends & family – do you really want to work with them? Are they people with an unstoppable drive for success, do they have strong business acumen? Do you want them hounding you with questions constantly?

Creating a warm list – typically 100 people is the goal, do you know 100 people? Do you know 100 people that would realistically be interested in your business opportunity?

3 Foot Rule – do you really want to be that sad loser who is always trying to pitch a deal with everyone? Do you want people to actually try and avoid you, because they think ‘oh goodness, it’s that guy again, he’s gonna try and sell me on his deal again!’

Home meetings – are you good at giving presentations? Do you have a regular stream of new leads so you can populate these home meetings on a regular basis?

Wandering around in shopping malls – that’s just SAD! Period.

OK, so I’ve been pretty blunt here about why I think traditional MLM methods are not for everyone. Make no mistake for some they DO work, take Mark Yarnell for example, he didn’t build his business using the internet.

Network Marketing today V ‘Old School’

If you’re in the 95% of folks who are struggling in this game then I want to offer you an alternative solution.

Imagine being able to generate anywhere from 10-50 leads per day to your business on auto-pilot and then imagine all of those prospects loving YOU. To the point where they want to buy stuff from you and after a few weeks or months down the line want to join your business.

Imagine if you were recruiting on a weekly basis PLUS earning an affiliate income even from people who don’t join your deal.

Well the picture I’ve just painted in your mind my friend is not a dream but what’s called Attraction Marketing. A phenomenon that was first introduced to the online world by Mike Dillard. The bottom line is that IT WORKS. I started using it in my business just over 10 months ago now, and I can honestly say it’s transformed my life. So much so that I’ve created my own FREE step by step coaching course that teaches you how to transform your own business using these principles.

Network marketing today has changed!

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