Nikken, An MLM Force to Be Reckoned With, But Should You Join?

Network Marketing is a great business to get involved with, especially if you have a great company to work with.

Nikken could be described as a great company, they are also one of the largest and most successful of all time. Nikken began in 1975 when its founder Isamu Masuda wanted to invent a product that would relieve the common problem of tired and sore feet. His inspiration came from the bottom of a Japanese bath (which is pebbled), he then added magnetism and the first product was created (Magstep).

Since then the Japanese company has gone on to grow exponentially and now operates in over 38 countries worldwide. They launched into the US (Westwood, California) in 1989. Also joining the executive team is Toshizo Watanabe, Kurt Fulle and Larry Proffit, all who have extremely credible experience in the business world and direct sales industry.

“With the company’s long track record of success and such a strong leadership team, they have a reputation in the industry to be reckoned with.”

All of Nikken’s products are based on obtaining wellness from the natural world. Their magnetic products are of particular interest and there are several products like the Kenko™ Magnetic Pads, Biaxial PowerMag™ and the RAM™ Technology sleep system which use static magnets to energize and work with the body in a unique way based on the laws of nature. They also use infrared, negative ion, natural light spectrums, air and water filtering technologies in their range.

On top of that there is the organic based nutrition products. Never have I seen such an interesting range of products from a network marketing company!


If you are considering joining Nikken, then be sure to check out their corporate website so you can experience the vast range of products for yourself.

With such a range of products it’s likely that you will be able to attract a large customer base to you.

How will you make money with Nikken?

They use a compensation plan akin to that used by Amway & Nuskin which is the stairstep-breakaway system. Many do struggle to make a significant income with this comp plan simply because you MUST keep up your personal sponsoring and stay ahead of your team members. Otherwise, when someone under you matches your level, your overrides are cut. You must be an aggressive marketer if you’re going to join this deal. With that being said, for the right person, large monthly incomes are very possible.

To get started with Nikkon you simply need to complete a form and decide which package you want to enter at. To join at the top level as a consultant pro is just under $2,800 but you will be getting the maximum materials, tools and training needed to get your business started. Alternatively there’s the builder pack at $1,600, starter pack for $500 or you can just join as a basic distributor for $35.

As all the other Nikken reviews will tell you, they are a well established company with great products and a great leadership team, there is no doubt that they will be around for a long time to come and will continue to grow.

If you are going to join though you need to consider who you are going to market to. Most people will begin with their ‘warm’ market and make a list of say 100 people, which is a great way to start. But what happens when you run out of people to talk to? Chances are that out of your 100 people only a handful will join or buy products.

By using some simple online strategies you can generate leads for your business daily, and by using the principles of attraction marketing these leads can become your warm market….ready to buy products and do business with you.

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