Nu Skin – Is This Opportunity Really Worth Your Time?

Is Nu Skin the right network marketing opportunity for you? Learn about this incredible opportunity and how you can be successful in this business.

Nu Skin are certainly one of the ‘big names’ in the network marketing industry, they have gained a good reputation and track record over their lifespan. They are a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business and a member of the DSA (Direct Selling Association). Founded in 1984 by Blake Roney, Sandie Tillotson and Steve Lund in Utah, US the company really got going in 1989 and started expanding into international markets.

Since then they have continued to gain momentum and their products are now sold in 48 markets throughout America, Europe and Asia. They are also traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

“You can be confident in joining Nu Skin that you have the backing of a strong, reputable company that is here to stay!”

Co-founder Blake Roney was recognized in 2004 as one of the 100 most influential people in Utah by Utah Business Magazine. Sandie Tillotson (Senior Vice President) was named one of the top 10 female business owners in the US by Working Woman Magazine in 1993. Steve Lund was a former attorney and holds a Juris Doctorate degree.

Add to these 3 leaders the other members of the executive board and you have an incredible leadership! Every company needs strong leadership, and it’s something you should look for when joining an opportunity.

The Nu Skin Products

There are a TON of products to choose from, one of the most impressive ranges I’ve seen from a network marketing company. There’s a whole range of skin care products which include very advanced anti aging formulas, weight management, cell protection, specific products for men & women, juices, nutritional supplements, the list goes on.

Many of their products are quite specialized and unique, which is great when you are prospecting new customers.


The AgeLOC range of products are very interesting, they are also expensive! However they are designed to diminish the appearance of aging by targeting the source of aging. They are backed by scientific research and have a large amount of social proof that the products work and are worth every cent.

The Nu Skin Business Opportunity
When you become a distributor you will be able to earn from retail sales and also from building a team of active distributors under you. In 2009 the company paid out a whopping $550,600,000 (approximately) in commissions globally! If you want a share then you will need to become skilled at selling products, prospecting, sponsoring, training and motivating.

You can generate an immediate income through retail sales (you get 30% override) and also by selling fast start product packages. The real power of network marketing however comes from building a team of distributors under you, so this should be your main focus.

Like most of the Nu Skin reviews online will tell you….this is a great company. You won’t automatically be successful though by signing up as a distributor. You really do need to go beyond just prospecting your friends, family and ‘warm market’. You need to come up with a way of generating new, targeted prospects each and every day.

This will be a critical factor to your success. A large percentage of network marketers fail in their business due to a lack of leads and cash flow. Make sure you are not one of those people!

By following some simple steps and using a system online, you can easily generate upwards of 10 leads EVERY day for your business. You can also follow up & build a relationship with them on auto pilot, PLUS earn hundreds of dollars in affiliate commissions each month. Want to see how it’s done? Enter your Name & Email below and I’ll send you my free video training which will give you the blueprint to your prosperity.

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I remember sitting in my uplines lounge 9 years ago....

Frank & Heather gave me some biscuits, a cup of juice and switched on the video player.

I sat there and as I watched the presentation felt myself becoming excited and started imagining how rich I was going to get.

James they just need to make a list...on the 3 way call their upline, Colin said to me, James just make a list and get everyone you can onto a presentation call....

I left their house pumped and ready to strike it rich...

7 years later and two MLM companies later I was still struggling, I'd found my five and hadn't got fact I was earning almost nothing.

One night though I put my email into a box similar to the one below and was taken through to a video presentation which taught me how to systemize your team building and attract prospects like a magnet attracts nails.

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