Online Network Marketing – Some Simple, Proven Ways To EXPLODE Your Warm Market

Are you a struggling Network Marketer? Are you just stuck with your ‘warm market list’? Struggling to get anyone to join your business?

You’re not alone, millions of networkers across the globe face exactly the same problem. I encountered the same brick wall in my own business. When I joined my first network marketing company, my upline told me the first thing to do was approach my ‘warm market’. Make a list of everyone I know and have been acquainted with, try and get a list of at least 100 people. I got to just over 100 people, but none of them wanted to join my business.

Offline network marketing DOES work and so can pitching your warm market, but we need to be reasonable. How many people do we know that are…. a) interested in what we are offering & b) motivated and skilled enough to get off the couch and CREATE a lifestyle of freedom?

If your warm list is anything like mine, then you’ll be lucky if you can come up with one person.

“So in reality we need a way to massively increase our warm market and in doing so the law of probability says that we are going to sponsor more people into our business right?”

I’d like to introduce to the concept of Online network marketing & Attraction Marketing. If you don’t know what that is then please click this link and watch my training video which will explain it to you. But essentially by using attraction marketing online we can create almost unlimited prosperity.

There are right now millions of people searching online for solutions to their problems and there are also millions searching for a business opportunity. By positioning yourself correctly you can have your share of the pie (a large share).

Whats the Online Network Marketing formula?

It’s relatively simple to do, you just need to follow a very simple, proven system.

1) Set up an online network marketing system and offer something of value. Your marketing system could be a ready made one, or it maybe a personal blog. On it you will offer a reason for someone to give their details to you (normally a name & email). Usually you’ll offer something like a free report or video training course. Essentially it’s a bribe (but a useful one!)

2) You then can provide value and market to that person over and over again. There are many powerful leveraging opportunities on the internet, like email, videos, articles etc… You do the work once and it can be viewed thousands of times over.

3) You build trust and rapport with your new lead by providing value and helping them to solve their problems. They start to appreciate you and listen to what you say. They may even feel that you are becoming their friend.

4) When you make a recommendation of a product that your lead should purchase (one that you get a commission on) they are much more likely to buy. Basic human instincts are that we want to do business with people that we LIKE & TRUST, rather than a complete stranger.

5) After some time you expose your lead to your primary business, they already know you and are acquainted with you, they have already received valuable information from you. Essentially this person is now in your warm market.

Are you starting to see the picture here? I’ve only outlined it briefly, but imagine if you could bring in 20, 30, 40 or more people into this ‘marketing cycle’ each day. Even each week is going to make a massive difference. You see the power of online network marketing right?

It’s immensely powerful and it works. I know because I use it in my business and have been for the last 9 months. The results have been nothing short of amazing. No longer do I waste time calling uninterested people. In fact it’s now the opposite, I have interested people calling me!

To learn a simple, step by step, online network marketing strategy to EXPLODE your warm market with 30+ leads a day, enter your Name & Email below. You will be given instant access to a video training course that will show you everything, plus you will also see the system that has transformed the lives of THOUSANDS of network marketers across the globe.


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