Oxygen4Energy – Get Rich Selling Air!

Did you know that you can actually get concentrated Oxygen in a can and then sell it within a Network Marketing business model?

“Well you can with Oxygen4Energy who are based in Lake Forest, California.”

This is probably one of the more bizarre MLM creations that I’ve seen, but very interesting none the less! Oxygen4Energy have come up with a nifty little can that contains approx 4 litres of oxygen, diluted slightly with ambient air. It’s like having your own mini scuba diving tank lol. It’s called truO2 and will give you about 50 shots of O2 per can and is being distributed through the Network Marketing business model.


Inhaling enriched oxygen can have several benefits for us as humans, some of the uses recommended for this product are….

  • Sports & fitness
  • Helping hangovers
  • For seniors
  • If at altitude
  • Improved brain function
  • Energy & vitality


Sounds great! Its portable and something that we all need to survive, oxygen. But will it catch on? We shall have to wait and see. The company is in pre-launch right now and are expecting to officially go live in January 2011.

According to their corporate website their product has got backing from several (42) top athletes who are endorsing the product while using it themselves to improve their individual performance. There are video testimonials from most of the athletes on the company’s website. So already this product has got some good credibility.

If you buy a four can pack then it works out at just under $10 per can, if you buy in bulk (70 cans) then it works out at just over $6 over can, which isn’t too bad I guess if the product REALLY does make a significant difference to your performance. Whether this will catch on for the masses I’m not sure, I’m getting the feeling that this may be a more niche specific product, appealing largely to sports men & women. Most of us are quite happy breathing free air right now.

The Oxygen4Energy Opportunity

Right now it’s free to join this company if you are purchasing products, then after the year is up, it’s a fee of $19.95 per year. The compensation plan is a uni level and you can climb all the way up to Diamond distributor level. They will pay you up to five levels deep if you are Gold qualified or above. For those at the Platinum or Diamond levels you also get a ‘Breakaway Infinity Bonus’ provided you have enough qualifying volume.

You can also purchase product for personal use or resale for up to 49% off the recommended retail price. There is plenty of scope in this opportunity to make a good promotional and residual income. You can download the full compensation plan here.

Oxygen4Energy will also give you an online website system that you can use to promote the products and business opportunity. They will pay up to 20% on referred website sales.

I am not aware of what training this company offers, but I would imagine it would be the basics of traditional network marketing, which is great, but in today’s market it also helps a ton, if you know a little bit extra!

There are quite a few Oxygen4Energy reviews around, I hope this one was useful for you. It will certainly be interesting to see how this company does and how the general public react to this product.

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