Private Quarters – A Direct Sales Company You Can Sleep Easy With?

There are so many different products available in the direct sales industry, but something you might not have seen is bed and bath linen products, such as the ones manufactured and sold by Private Quarters.

These products are actually very high quality and live up to the claims made by the company, I personally know an independent consultant for the company who uses the bedding products. There are many satisfied customers throughout the US.

Private Quarters was originally founded in 2004 by entrepreneurs Jeff Stroud and Wayne Selness. Jeff’s father ran a family business that sold home textiles for many years, but the business was eventually closed. Wishing to continue in his father’s footsteps, Jeff discovered at that time there was no other Direct Sales company selling bed and bath linens. Since then the company has actually done pretty well. Whilst other companies have shown a decrease in tough economic times, Private Quarters actually showed continually rising profits.

They operate from a 50,000 square foot production plant in California and are attracting many leaders nationwide. The company is also accredited by the Better Business Bureau ( which is a great plus. There have only been 3 minor complaints registered in the last 36 months, all resolved.

As you might expect with such a product as bed and bath linens, you are really going to have to do traditional person to person referral marketing. You can’t expect to flog these products on the internet (although it can happen), you are going to make your sales largely by allowing your potential customers to see and feel the softness and comfort that the PQ linens provide.

“The company focuses very heavily on hosting home parties as the key method to selling and recruiting. So much so that they will even provide you with free products for your party!”

Interestingly the average earnings of a Private Quarter’s distributor (or consultant as they are called) are higher than the industry standard. According to their statistics a consultant hosting an average of 2 home parties per week can expect to earn around $2,500 just on personal sales. Essentially that’s 2 presentations a week, with most Network Marketing/Direct Sales companies you will need to do more than that to earn $2.5K.


You also don’t need to stock your own products; everything is stored and shipped out from their warehouse.

How will you earn money from Private Quarters?

You will earn up to 40% on all your retail sales, plus up to 11% on your personally sponsored team. Obviously there is some potential here for residual income if you can recruit enough people under you. If you make it higher up the compensation plan to Director level or above, you will then qualify for cash and generational bonuses. Private Quarters also offers two trips a year for their highly performing consultants as an added bonus.

Their pay plan also pays you at your newly promoted level beginning with the month in which you earned it, rather than having to wait like some comp plans force you to do.

To get started with Private Quarters you will need to purchase a starter kit for $199, this will give you the materials you need to carry out your home parties and also allow you to experience the products for yourself. The company will also give you a personalised website so that customers can order directly online. Again you will get up to 40% override on orders.

This company also takes their customer support seriously, they are big on 100% satisfaction and will guarantee their workmanship for six months. They will replace any defective items hassle free.

“They also are doing their bit for charity and provide finance and products to support local homeless and battered women shelters.”

Overall this is a great opportunity for anyone with an interest in this niche. Bear in mind though that you probably won’t be selling products online ‘on autopilot’. This is going to be a very much face to face, hands on recommendation; your customers need to physically experience your products. You can however make good use of the internet to generate leads and find other people that would be interested in starting their own Private Quarters business.

If you’re just relying on your immediate warm market, then a problem which might occur is that you run out of people to talk to! Using some simple principles online you can actually continually increase your warm market, each and every day! Which obviously means that you can build a massive business.

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