Put Your Agel Marketing Efforts On Turbo Drive With These Cool Training Tips

So you want to make more money with Agel? Recruit more distributors and sell more gel right? Well here are some ways to boost up your business.


Because of the nature of the Agel compensation plan then your best income is going to be earned from recruiting members into your team and them buying products. So you need to learn to sponsor big!

Stick with Agel for at least 12 months

It still amazes me how many people think that Network Marketing is a silver bullet industry and that prosperity will just fall into their lap soon after they sign up. If you were working for someone else in a corporate job then you would have to do a certain amount of work in order to keep the pay cheques rolling in. Well network marketing is no different; you will have to put in enough effort to make a success of it.

So make a decision to stick with Agel for at least 12 months and make sure you have a game plan of the action steps that you will take and put your back into it.

Build Your Business Online

Most network marketing companies will tell you to make a warm list and hand out DVD’s or flyers, then follow up with telephone calls. Agel isn’t any different. But the problem is that most people don’t have the vast number of contacts needed or the reputation of a Network Marketing superstar. This is a numbers game and you need a certain amount of “No’s” before you get some “Yes’s” For most people they simply don’t know enough people.

Many of the top network marketers build their business online, simply because the number of leads you can generate is almost unlimited.

Use An Attraction Marketing Sales Funnel

This is a simple concept but effective, you can watch a webinar training that I recently did for my team here, it explains it fully. By using a sales funnel you are positioning yourself as an expert and leader in this industry, providing value to other network marketers in the form of training and tools, and effortlessly building your business on the back end. Meanwhile you are earning affiliate commissions, whilst you are growing your business. This is a very cool system, and it works.

You will find that you will be attracting other network marketers to you who want to learn how to do network marketing the right way, they may already be sold on their existing company, but you are still in a position to earn from them even if they don’t join your primary opportunity, plus you are building a list.

Focus ONLY On The Activities That Will Build Your Business

Successful Agel marketing will need to be laser focused. Focus only on activities that will develop your business, i.e. recruiting new distributors. It’s no good wasting time checking emails, playing around on Facebook or chatting to people online. I used to do all this, and all that happened is that I delayed the growth of my business by about 6 months. Decide on specific courses of action and take action! Check emails, Facebook etc.. at the end of the day when your work is done.

Help Your Team Duplicate Success

The surest way to create team synergy and excitement is to help your team succeed. This comes back to using a system that I talked about earlier. The system that I have used to build my business, my team uses also, so they are experiencing their individual success which makes my team as a whole earn a LOT more money.

If you get things set up properly then you will literally be able to build your business and income on autopilot, all you have to do is feed your sales funnel with targeted traffic.

For some people reading this post, you may be a little confused. What I’ve done is put together some exclusive Agel training for you, so you can really get to grips with how using systems is the way to go in building your Agel business. There’s a couple of videos for you to watch…enter your name and email address below and I will explain all on the inside 🙂


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