Regeneca – An Independent Review Of This Health & Wellness Company

Welcome to my review of Regeneca, a health & wellness network marketing company with a vision of global expansion and prosperity!

There are a lot of health and wellness companies around, probably too many, so for such a company to do well they need to be unique in some way. Regeneca have focused their products on combating the effects of aging. As we all know, various changes happen in our bodies as they grow older and products that can slow any deterioration are welcome!


There are currently two products produced by Regeneca, the first being Regeneblend which is a beverage that’s designed to rejuvenate with its multiple extracts from a wide variety of phytochemical-rich plants. There’s a lot of scientific evidence to suggest that plant extracts offer us strong anti oxidant benefits along with nutritional value.

Their second product is geared towards the more mature gentleman and it’s called, Regenerect, needless to say it’s purported to have effects similar to that of chemical products that are designed to aid in sexual activity. The company claims that their product is doctor recommended and is more effective than the leading well known brand.

Regeneca was founded in 2009 by Matt Nicosia & Adam Vincent Gilmer, both who have impressive business experience. The other members of the board are also well versed in marketing and sales. The whole team combined has a track record of over $40 million worth of sales through direct-to-consumer sales. This company definitely has a strong leadership, which is important for its future success. They are based in Irvine, California and currently only do business in the US, but have plans to expand into international markets.

How will you earn money with Regeneca?

The compensation plan offers seven different ways to earn. Front end or promotional income can be made by selling the products and enrolling other people into the business. You will get paid through retail profit, fast start bonuses, star maker bonuses and the star producer pool. If you want to build a passive income then you should focus your attention on recruiting a large downline and teaching them how to duplicate success. You can then earn from the royalty commissions, check matching bonuses and also the lifestyle bonuses (depends on your rank, but is anything from $250 – $2,500 a month).

“For those willing to put in the effort this is a powerful comp plan.”

When you join the company they will also give you an online marketing system that will be able to take product orders and also applications from new distributors.

Overall there is definitely the chance for success with Regeneca, but as with any Network Marketing opportunity your main stumbling block is probably going to be finding enough new prospects each day. Many people will begin by making a list of everyone they know and are acquainted with (their warm market) and then call them, hoping they will be interested in the business. For most, results will be less than satisfactory and then they struggle to find new prospects.

A far better way to build your business is to learn and use the principles of attraction marketing; you will then have prospects seeking you out, rather than the other way round!

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