Searching For A Shaklee Scam? Well You Won’t Find One! Here’s Why…

Shaklee is one of the longest established Network Marketing companies around today. They care about their customers and also about the environment.

If you spend any amount of time looking at their website you get the distinct impression that this is a company you can trust. There is a real sense of customer care and also for the planet as well. All of their products are geared towards being ‘green‘. Even their impressive headquarters in Pleasanton, California is built using as much recycled and sustainable material as possible. They are setting a high goal post in the industry for others to aspire to.


So why are there various Shaklee scam reports around?

Before we answer that, let’s look at some basic information about the company which might help to answer that question.

Shaklee was founded in 1956 by Dr Forrest C Shaklee. In 1915 he created one of the first ever multivitamins in the world and called it ‘Vitalized Minerals’. When he founded Shaklee he actually helped pioneer the nutritional supplement industry and the word-of-mouth business model.

Since then the company has gone from strength to strength with over 750,000 reps of which around 1,600 have earned in excess of $1 million in commissions. This is pretty impressive by any standards! This should be dissolving any Shaklee scam ideas floating around in your head.

The company was also one of the first to be awarded the “Climate Neutral certification”, which basically means they offset their Co2 emissions, which results in a net zero impact on the environment. So it’s pretty safe to say that they are a very ‘green’ company that wants to take good care of planet earth.

But what about their customers?

Well there is a good range of products, the kind of products you would expect really. Health & nutrition supplements, weight loss, beauty and also household products. Shaklee like their products to be ‘always safe, always work and always green’.

Their anti aging tonic ‘Vivx’ is quite interesting; it’s based on the ingredient resveratrol which is found in red wine. Apparently there is the same amount of resveratrol in a 30 day supply of Vivx than 3000 glasses of red wine! The products generally get good reviews, with top athletes giving them the thumbs up also.

It’s not too expensive to get involved with Shaklee, the cost of joining as a distributor is anything from $39.95 up to $750, so it’s reachable for most. Higher up the compensation plan the company will reward your with flash cars and send you off on exotic holidays.

In this Skaklee review I’ve just touched on some of the main points here about the company, but regarding a Shaklee scam, I just can’t see it myself. This is a very respectable company, and to be honest other companies in our industry could learn a thing or two from Shaklee.

“In my opinion Shaklee is as legit as they come. A good solid company, that cares for their customers, the planet and their distributors. Anyone who knows how to market properly is going to do pretty well with this company.”

The problem in our industry is that 95% of the people involved haven’t had the training they need to really make a success of this sort of business. This leads to a massive failure rate and a whole horde of disgruntled ex distributors, people then start talking, stories are told and one thing leads to another. It’s a fact that some who don’t succeed may just palm the whole thing off as a con because it didn’t work for them. This can lead to a wrong tarnishing of a company or the MLM industry as a whole.

The truth my friend is that success in this industry need not be hard. There are in fact only two problems that you need to solve to be ultimately successful. They are a lack of leads and a lack of cash flow. Both of these problems can be solved quite easily and you will become a fearless marketer.

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