Send Out Cards – Never Miss An Important Event Again PLUS Make Money!

Send Out Cards have devised a novel system to base a network marketing compensation plan on. Everyone sends Christmas, birthday, congratulations, wedding, love cards etc…

Well they certainly used to, maybe not quite so much these days, a lot of people forget to acknowledge those special events of relatives and maybe even family (I know I have before!). Plus the modern world we live in entices us to take the easy route and send an e-card or send an SMS.


With Send Out Cards you can still have the convenience of ‘click and send’ but your recipient will actually received a physical card in the mail. Pretty cool huh? I think so, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world you can always make sure your relatives and family know that you haven’t forgotten them. You can even schedule special events so you never forget a birthday again. If you wanted to, you could also send a gift with your card.

You simply design your card online, add your own pictures or handwriting and click send, you can also mail in bulk, so this service would be great for business people.

It’s a novel idea and even more novel to attach a Network Marketing compensation plan to it. I will say right out of the gate that if you are considering joining this opportunity then I know of quite a few experienced marketers who have this as a secondary business. Looking at what you will earn, it might be adventurous for the average network marketer to depend on this business for a main income. To be safe consider Send Out Cards as a bolt on to your existing business.

“As a side note; as the weeks go by I’m learning just how great it is to have several different income sources! Consider creating several income sources in your business.”

Send Out Cards was originally founded in 2004 by Kody Bateman, who suffered the loss of a relative. One of his regrets was the lack of personal contact that he had with his brother because of his busy lifestyle. The idea of SOC was formed, allowing millions of people to keep better contact with one another. The creation of a card can take under 60 seconds and can be cheaper than other rival services.

Is there a Send Out Cards scam?

The company has been around for a while now and there is an actual end product being delivered to the end user. There is good leadership and no valid reason to consider this a scam.

Making money with Send Out Cards

Many people will enjoy the convenience of this service as a customer, but if you’re reading this review then it’s likely that you are business minded. You are able to make money with this opportunity just like any other MLM business, although you will need to recruit and sell a LOT in order to make a decent income. Let’s face it, a card doesn’t cost much, so naturally the commissions per sale are going to be small.

You can however do well out of this unilevel compensation plan for sponsoring new distributors, which is how your residual income will be built.

There are seven different ways you can be paid, but it boils down to 2 categories. Weekly bonuses paid for sponsoring new distributors & customers, plus monthly residual income will be paid on the efforts of your team, depending on your rank. If you join this company then your sights should be set on the top rank of Eagle 🙂

You can join at the basic distributor level for $59 or take the top level entry of the Wholesale Premium Pack for $398. You can download the comp plan here.

This is overall an interesting business opportunity, it’s a service that I would personally use for business purposes and would probably become a distributor. This wouldn’t be my primary business, as I mentioned before, but more of an add on.

Your success with Send Out Cards is really going to depend on your skills at generating leads and sponsoring. Many new network marketers have a tough time getting their business to really take off, simply because they are relying on their warm market only.

You really need 10 + new leads a day coming your way if you’re going to make it in this industry. Mark Yarnell recommends at least 30! I’ve found you can go a long way on 10 though.

By using some straight forward systems and strategies online you can generate 30+ leads each day for your business, turn them into ‘hot’ leads, and effortlessly make money from them. To learn how to EXPLODE your Send Out Cards business by following my simple blueprint for success, enter your Name & Email below for instant access to my video training course…


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