SnackHealthy – Forget The Convenience Stores & Get Your Snacks On Autoship

SnackHealthy are offering you the chance to build a Network Marketing business by encouraging others to eat a healthy diet.

Not only that, you can provide healthy snacks for your customers to eat, rather than them going to the local convenience store and filling up on junk food. While there is a lot of competition in the wellness industry already, SnackHealthy are determined to get the word out about healthy eating, and help as many people as possible to secure their futures financially, as well as from a health point of view.


This company hasn’t been going that long, they began trading in the fall of 2010. Their headquarters are in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and they are actually a subsidiary of Healthient.

Whenever you’re looking to join a company it’s always worth checking out the leadership. A strong leadership will always increase the chances of success for any company. SnackHealthy have a leadership team of 6 people with extensive experience in corporate finance, management, product development, direct sales and Internet commerce; between them they have over 80 years of experience!

What are the SnackHealthy products?

They sell a range of ‘snacks’, beverages and shakes, all focused on providing intense nutritional value but with a low calorie count. Their Zing energy drink is as low as 2 calories per serving!

Their range of products include, fruit & nut bars, dried fruits, pretzels, popcorn (microwaveable), fibre snack bars, plus their Zing energy drink. They also have protein shakes that can act as meal replacements or just nutritious supplements. The SnackHealthy products are all dairy, gluten and soy free making them suitable for all people, this also gives the products a unique selling point, as such products are usually not found in your everyday convenience store.

With any ‘health & wellness’ product you need something unique, because there is a lot of competition around!


You will have a plentiful potential market as many people today are become increasingly aware of their need to stay healthy.

How will you earn money with SnackHealthy?
Well the compensation place is generous and offers you a total of 9 ways to earn an income. These are retail bonus (instant cash), first order bonus, free snack bonus, group sales bonus, retention bonus, team bonus, maximum matching bonus, stock options and leadership incentives. Your auto ship is going to cost you $40 per month, however you can get it for free. To qualify for this you must have referred 4 customers who are also on autoship (their total volume must be 4 times your autoship volume).

This is a great incentive for your team to qualify, as they will be getting their products at no extra cost to them. You can download the full compensation plan here for your information.

SnackHealthy provide weekly conference calls for training purposes, they also sell training products and online tools to help you build your business. Promotion is allowed both on and offline.

Overall this is a legitimate business opportunity, but one that is in an already fiercely competitive niche, so be aware of this. Also personally I don’t feel that there is anything particularly special about these products, you may feel differently. There are definitely benefits to be had.

Be aware though that you will probably not build a successful business by just relying on your current warm market. The chances are you don’t know enough people, unless you have some Network Marketing superstars on your list.

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