Social Network Marketing Can be Fun & Profitable (But Are You Doing It Right?)

socialmediaSocial Network Marketing is a pretty big thing at the moment, everybody is realising the power of the social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

It makes perfect sense to use these awesome platforms to build a Network Marketing business, after all our business is all about building relationships with other people. This isn’t a faceless business; this is about getting stuck in and helping others to succeed.

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Let’s gets one thing out of the way first though, the social media sites are not for spamming (i.e. ONLY posting ‘money making’ links). Unfortunately I do see many people just spamming the heck out of Facebook and YouTube promoting their biz op. I don’t know about you, but I find it pretty annoying!

Social media is a great way to build trust and relationships with existing and new prospects, build YOUR brand, form new relationships and also gives the opportunity for your content to go viral (be reposted, re-tweeted, shared by others).

“In fact using social networks correctly can turn you into a freekin celebrity!”

The bottom line is that if you are building your Network Marketing business online then you MUST be using social media in your marketing mix; it’s just too big to pass up on.

Some social network marketing ideas you can’t afford to miss!

Make sure you have a Facebook account. It’s a great way to connect with your prospects and also great for finding new ones! You can look for and add friends who are interested in a similar niche to you. You can also look for other Facebook groups that are relevant to your business and post there automatically with Post Planner.

Joining groups is a great way you increase your friend base because other people from the groups are likely to start adding you as a friend. Join about 200 groups and watch your friend requests go crazy!

Also make sure you have a Facebook fan page set up, this is VERY hot at the moment. Every time someone hits the ‘Like’ button they join your fan page and you can then easily keep in contact with these people en mass. It’s like having another marketing list, but on Facebook. You can also set up a ‘lead magnet’ page there and generate leads.

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Social Bookmarking sites

These are websites where other people can ‘vote’ for your content, if they like what they read/watch/hear then they can share your content with their friends. This is fantastic for viral exposure and also for getting backlinks to your content. Google is paying a lot of attention these days to links from social book marking sites, so that means higher rankings in the search engines and more traffic for you!

Whenever you create a new piece of content and upload it somewhere, social bookmark it, you can use the free tool to do this for you on autopilot:)

This is a great platform to build a following of people. On Twitter you can post ‘mini blog’ status updates, any of your followers online at that time will see your ‘tweet’ straight away. Things move very fast on Twitter so really you need to be tweeting several times a day, and every day to build and keep interest.

I wouldn’t spend too much time on Twitter, you can buy a tool such as Tweet Adder which will basically take care of ALL of your Twitter marketing on autopilot. You have far better things to do with your time than manually searching for and adding Twitter followers.

Another fantastic social network marketing platform. Everyone loves watching videos! It’s often quicker and easier to absorb information from a video, so make sure you are turning your content into videos. Millions of people search on YouTube every day, some use it instead of Google!

You can also search and add friends, plus subscribe to other peoples channels, they will usually reciprocate and subscribe to you also. It’s also worth commenting on other peoples videos that are relevant to your niche. This will increase you exposure and traffic, also consider posting response videos.

Two words of warning though…
1) Don’t SPAM or be too aggressive in your friend adding and commenting

2) Don’t use any automated software on your YouTube account. Chances are you will get your account shutdown permanently. YouTube is of course owned by Google and they are tightening up on the ‘home business industry’

Join a Tribe

There are several ‘tribe‘ communities out there who will promote your content for you in exchange for you promoting theirs. The biggest one that springs to mind is Katie Frieling’s ‘Unified Tribe’, you have to pay for membership but there are others out there that work on a ‘credits’ system (a bit like a traffic exchange), you can also use Tribe Pro

These can be very effective and create a large amount of social activity on your content, which of course looks very good in the eyes of your prospects! Social proof is probably the most powerful selling tool. Period.

These are just some of the ways in which you can use social network marketing to really grow your business. It will build your brand and credibility and you will have a whole bunch of fun in the process. Making new relationships with people is always a great thing.

You really ought to spend an hour or so each day connecting with prospects and people outside your immediate circle of influence. Make a goal to connect with 10 new people each day and watch your business EXPLODE.

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