Some Tips For Overcoming The Dreaded Overload & Brain Freeze Syndrome (Newbieitis)

focusIs your brain hurting, overloaded, confused, bombarded?

Well 1st off, you are not alone, if you’re just getting involved with the ‘online arena’ of affiliate or Network Marketing, it can be tough…

..I mean real tough can even flat out suck.

You get onto someone’s list, watch a few videos, then hop on to someone else’s list, hoping to find the ‘secret’ that will unlock the door to prosperity.

Then you get invited to buy something, then after that invited onto a webinar and eventually you might even whip out your credit card and go all in & buy something!

Then the next few days or weeks are taken up with trying to figure out this new ‘thing’ you’ve bought. Meanwhile you are getting bombarded with lots more offers and ‘shinny balls’ and you end up distracted from the ‘thing’ you were trying to figure out before.

Tip Of The Day From James – Just Focus & Watch!



After a few weeks you’re on several peoples lists, being offered things to buy left right and centre, going from product launch to product launch and all the time you are being diverted from the most important thing…


…making money in your business.


If this experience is familiar to you then you are certainly not alone, trust me I was there and so are thousands of other frustrated marketers out there right now. I actually spent my first 6 months doing exactly what I’ve just described and I got absolutely nothing achieved.


So what’s the solution?




Here’s my suggestion…..

Find a marketing system & community that is proven to work (I would recommend My Lead System Pro)

Choose someone to join through, preferably someone that you think you can work with and who is approachable.

Concentrate on getting that system set up and working for you…ONLY focus on this for 2,3,4 days however long it takes you….during this time IGNORE everything else that might come your way in the way of ‘offers’. If you really want to check out other stuff then allot a time of the day for it…say 1 hour in the evening, where you ‘allow’ yourself to check out other stuff.

Once you’ve got your system set up and working….choose ONE marketing strategy…this might be content marketing, paid marketing, social marketing etc…

Learn how to implement that strategy and start doing it….


Be consistent….


Do a little bit everyday, whatever your schedule allows

KEEP doing it until you see results……then when it gets you results…..automate it (or outsource it) then move onto something else.

This is how you scale your business.


Let me tell you my story….

When I got started I choose ‘Content/Article Marketing’

I was broke so had no money to invest in expensive paid marketing. I wrote down on paper that I would write one new article every day (including weekends) for 100 days straight and then syndicate it. I also wrote down the times I’d allotted for that (2pm-5pm) each day as that fitted with my schedule.

Then I just did that!
Every freekin day, I made NO excuses.
After my 3rd article I got my first lead! (exciting)
My lead flow cascaded from there

I now get over 25 leads every day from this blog, from work that I did over a year ago. Even though I’ve been a lazy ass and hardly blogged at all over the last year, I still get 25+ leads and sponsor people into my business almost daily. Cool huh?


So my advice is get in to some kind of a ‘marketing system’ and FOCUS on one thing at a time.

You know that there’s only three things we need to focus on in this business right?

Generate Traffic

Convert To Leads

Convert Leads to sales

That’s it!

Properly designed arketing systems CAN mostly take care of the last two, you just need to generate the right traffic and leads…

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