Are You Addicted To The Outcome?? (Eliminate Frustration & Overwhelm)

Are you sometimes (or often) frustrated by the lack of results you’re getting in business?

If so then this video may well help you out…

A few months back I learned that being addicted to the outcome of your marketing efforts can actually really screw things up for you…

Watch the video where I explain why and what you can do to change your perspective a little so that you put the ENJOYMENT back into your marketing…

Yes this should be both FUN & PROFITABLE

Watch the video to see how to overcome your frustrations and increase results 10 fold..

Some important points to remember that have helped me tremendously and can help you too…

1) Frustration and neediness can be easily transmitted to your prospects (so be happy, grateful & relaxed instead!)

2) Think of EVERYTHING you do as a ‘marketing experiment’ and tweek according to the feedback you get

3) It doesn’t need to be perfect! (just get into action!!)

4) Always default to giving value (the safest bet and it serves others)

5) Always be learning so you have lots of value to offer (people will love you for it & you’ll be rewarded)

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